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10 Of The Most Legendary Bud Light Ads Of All Time

Relive the origin stories of the Bud Light Legends. And see even more classics at

Bud Light has had a LOT of legendary commercials over the years, as evidenced by this year's star-studded Big Game spot!

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Not familiar with some of these legends? Well read up on your history by scrolling down to check out our favorites! And to see even more classics, head over to the Bud Light Legends Content Vault:

1. Fishing Trip (1995)

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"Johnny," a '90s hero, is suddenly overcome by a wave of emotion while fishing with his dad, who coincidentally also has a Bud Light.

2. Limo (1993)

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The '90s were a different time: You could roam the airport asking limo drivers if they serve Bud Light in their vehicle and lie about being a doctor to get a free ride!

3. Picnic w/Cedric (2003)

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Cedric the Entertainer makes the mistake of placing a pack of Bud Light onto a red anthill, and let's just say the ants weren't too happy about it.

4. Proposal (1995)

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Our hero, Johnny, overcome with lust, makes a spontaneous, romantic gesture to his date, Emma...and then instantly makes another to a different girl when Emma won't share her Bud Light.

5. Bud Bowl (1998)

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Third and short, the Bud Light football team really needs a first down. Luckily for them, the Buds have a "High Six"-worthy play that gets them into the end zone.

6. Bud Knight (2018)

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Dilly dilly! Two warring kingdoms are enmeshed in a brutal battle...until, high on top of a hill, the Bud Knight appears...and doesn't really do much except buy a pack of Bud Light.

7. Real Men of Genius – Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer (2003)

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In 2003, Bud Light gave tribute to Real Men Of Genius, such as this guy who, as they say, "smells like a winner."

8. Secret Handshake (2005)

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Here, Cedric runs into an old friend and the two engage in a very intricate handshake. Unfortunately for his friend, it turns out Cedric was more excited to run into a pack of Bud Light.

9. Swear Jar (2007)

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What started as a punitive measure to reduce swearing becomes a race to purchase Bud Light for the entire office as everyone curses up a storm.

10. Skydiver (2005)

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A group of skydivers are about to jump out into the clouds, but one is hesitant to do so. Luckily, the decision is made for him when the a six-pack of Bud Light is thrown out the plane.

All videos and images courtesy Bud Light unless otherwise noted.

From Cedric to Johnny to the person reading this post, Bud Light gives a hearty "Dilly, dilly!" to all the legends out there. Visit to see more Bud Light Legends classics!