Adrienne Gusoff
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      Adrienne Gusoff

      I am the owner of, from where at least half these photos were lifted. First, you are using these pix without permission. If you were going to help promote these performers, I’d say, hey, use them all you want. But since you seem to think it’s amusing to dis talented people whom you don’t know, I request that you remove them immediately. Second, clearly you have no idea what celebrity impersonation is all about. It’s more than just LOOKING like the celeb, it’s singing/dancing/moving like them. It’s very rare that a celebrity impersonator naturally looks like the person they are imitating. (In those cases, they rarely have the same talents/skill sets). Rather, most impersonators are talented singers/dancers/actors/comedians in their own right. By using wigs, makeup, voices, smoke and mirrors, they give the IMPRESSION of the celeb. Their job is not to be a clone; their job is to ENTERTAIN…and they do! There are plenty of excellent impersonators out there who so fully embody the actual celeb, you’d swear you were watching the real thing.  I know at least half the performers here personally (the ones you took off my website) and even without knowing you, I can assure you that they have more talent than you will EVER have, and are undoubtedly more successful in their chosen field than you are. Many of them have been in movies and on TV; headline regularly at casinos and clubs; and work quite regularly at corporate and private events. Many of them, also, have worked with the actual celebs they impersonate, or in some cases, have the “official approval” of the celeb’s estate. If you’re going to immaturely insult the talents of people you know nothing about, please remove these copyrighted images from your site. If you’d like to educate yourself, and learn to appreciate how talented these people really are, feel free to contact me.  As for readers, I invite everyone to visit my website, watch some video and see for yourself.

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