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13 GIFs That Prove MotoGP™ Riders Are The Real Superheroes

Turns out that flying around on a souped-up motorbike for a living is quite scary. Who knew? Brought to you by BT Sport, the home of MotoGP™.

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1. When you're in MotoGP™, this is kinda your life.

And that life is pretty terrifying.

2. We guess Valentino Rossi's high-speed overtaking is like the MotoGP™ version of nipping in front at the queue for the coffee machine.

3. This is what happens when you're sitting on that much power and you take your eye off the ball...

4. ...but you've just gotta get up and get on with it.

Even if you don't have any strength left.

5. Which is easier said than done when you've just gone through this.

You just gotta do what you gotta do.


6. One false move and you can kiss that podium place goodbye.

That push for glory can sometimes be just a push too far.

7. And then you're just another guy running after an errant bike.

8. It's such a pain when you ruin your favourite bike too.

There's no series of emojis to sum up how truly gutted you feel after mega-ruining your best bud.

9. Even when you get literally THROWN from your spark-spitting Honda...'s just another day in the office. Your 150mph bike-office.

10. We feel you, man.

11. That's just what happens when the margins that you're working with are so tight.

12. All it takes is a knee to be *slightly* in the wrong position...

...and you'll be skidding along on your arse at 100mph. You won't be sitting right for weeks.

13. Although it does look really cool in slow motion.

So at least there's that.

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All images courtesy of BT Sport.