Shit ____ Says

We’re half way through the list people!

Shit My Dad Says
Shit Girls Say
Shit Suburban Moms Say
Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls
Shit Single Girls Say
Shit Lesbians Say
Shit That Shit Says
Shit An Indian Girl Says
Shit Thirsty Dudes Say
Shit Asian Girls Say
Shit Black Guys Say
Shit Yogis Say
Shit Canadian Guys Say
Shit Fat People Say
Shit Football Fans Say
Shit Gay Guys Say
Shit Panhandlers Say
Shit Runway Models Say
Shit Amusement Park Mascots Say
Shit Cameramen Say
Shit Conspiracy Theorists Say
Shit Coke Drinkers Say
Shit Pepsi Drinkers Say
Shit Tab Drinkers Say
Shit Ghosts Say
Shit Cats Say
Shit Toll Booth Operators Say
Shit Fluffers Say
Shit Jurors Say
Shit Bathroom Attendants Say
Shit Travel Guides Say
Shit Paul Newman Said

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