Proof Keith Richards Is Cooler Than Bill Murray

Everyone loves Bill Murray, but there is no one cooler than Keith.

1. Bill Murray may be God to some of us out there.

2. Don’t get us wrong he kicks ass.

3. But it’s time for Bill Murray to share the internet love.

Don’t worry he will be fine.

4. So we introduce to you Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones!

Hello Keith!

5. You know the guy who wrote all those songs with Mick Jagger.

6. Together they started a blues band in London, and became as famous as The Beatles.

7. So what is the point here??

8. Basically, Keith Richards is the coolest.

He did play the music that inspired “Moves Like Jagger”.

9. This is how women usually greeted him.

10. But he always went for the cool, calm and collected type.

Nice work Keef!

11. Keith’s music sparked a revolution of hippies and free love.

Peace man!

12. John Lennon and Eric Clapton attended his Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus.

Seriously it happened - The Rolling Stones Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus.

13. He also jammed with Jimi Hendrix.

Albert Maysles/ / Via

RIP Jimi.

14. Keith was always a rebel, but then again so was Bill.

15. Keith actually hit a guy on stage with his guitar!

Get some Satisfaction.

16. Then in 1972 he was exiled from England, and had to leave the country with The Rolling Stones.

So he moved to France, rented a mansion, and recorded Exile on Main St. in the basement.

17. Nothing could stop him from creating some of the most iconic albums of all time.

Take a listen to “Sticky Fingers” and “Let It Bleed”.

18. No amount booze or drugs.

19. I mean the guy wrote hit songs in his sleep!

It’s true - Keith claims to have heard the riff to “Satisfaction” in his sleep and woke up to record it.

20. See Keith has survived 50 years of Rock ‘n’ Roll touring all over the world.

It’s like a teenage dream.

21. Now he hangs out with Johnny Depp.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Bill Murray has worked with Depp, but these guys are tight.

22. Depp loves Keith so much, he based Jack Sparrow on his “pirate-like” image.

23. Look we aren’t saying to forget about Bill Murray.

24. Just remember that at 70 years old, Keith is looking as cool as ever.

Peter Lindbergh / Rolling Stone

25. And he is still rocking…

2014 Tour Dates.

26. So internet - give other people the credit they deserve.

27. And tell your friends what you learned today.

28. If not, Keith couldn’t care less - he has enough fans.

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