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11 Signs Your Night Was Trash At TCNJ

Better luck next time.

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1. You’re half a two six of SoCo in before anyone says “let’s take pictures”.

2. Your pong team is in the middle of midterms.

3. Your friend in Eick isn’t coming out so you can’t pregame in their room.

4. You have to drive to the party with 8 people stuffed into a Honda civic.

5. Your theme outfit makes no sense when you’re not with your group.

6. All of your Friendsy mutuals are going to the same party as you, so you have to play all of them.

7. Your song doesn’t come on even after you request it.

8. You get to t dubs buzzed and realize you have no points left.

9. The guy your friend won’t shut up about is spotted in another girl’s instagram.

10. You jump into the fountain without any regard for how you’re getting dry clothes.

11. You wake up in Decker the next morning with a half eaten Wendy’s four for four on the side of your bed.

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