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    • Bsnow

      When I was 21 or 22 years old I was sexually harassed by a much older man at my place of employment. He had to have been in his early 60s. He had made comments before about me being “naughty” and would have inappropriate conversations with filled with sexual innuendos. But I was young and he was a prominent figure at my job and I was nervous to tell him I didn’t like what he was saying for fear of retaliation so I would just laugh awkwardly and walk away from the conversation. I guess he thought this was consent because one day as I’m leaving my job he slapped my ass as I was walking out and then gave it a long squeeze. This was done in front of customers and another employee daw as well. This is where I drew the line. When I went to report it to my boss at the time, who was male, he proceeded to ask me if I gave the man “feedback” about sexually harassing me. I laughed in my manager’s face. Not because I thought it was funny but because I was so enraged and so shocked that I was reporting an unwanted and unsolicited sexual advance by a fellow co-worker and my manager’s response was did I tell the man that it made me uncomfortable what he did. As a 60-something grown ass man, I feel like he should have known better. I told him I had not because I did not feel like that was appropriate and I was not comfortable having this conversation. My manager encouraged me to talk to the man and discuss the situation before I took further action. I just walked away from my manager in disbelief and could tell no action was going to take place and to this day I regret not reporting both of them to my Human Resources department.

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