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    Mar 7, 2014

    What Happens When You Mix Robots, Kids, And Newspapers

    The Brooklyn School of Inquiry's visit to the New York Times printing plant.

    Our school newspaper staff visited the New York Times printing plant.

    The New York Times is an international newspaper that has many printing presses in the United States, the tour guide said. The biggest one is in Queens, New York.

    The New York Times printing plant is huge.

    Sevgi Unay

    Workers ride around on bikes, carrying things in the baskets, because it's so big.

    Dea McKenzie

    The paper is kept in giant rolls — 30,000 pages to roll

    Each roll weighs as much as a Mini-Cooper!

    The rolls are so heavy that robots help the workers move them around.

    They can kill you.

    But if you kick the robots, they stop.

    The newspaper is printed with metal plates.

    The plates are made with lasers.

    There are four colors of ink — black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

    The papers travel over head on a conveyor belt.

    Sevgi Unay

    They reminded Sevgi, our teacher, of a roller-coaster.

    They control the machines from this control room.

    Sevgi Unay

    The screens told us what status the presses are in, with different colors depending on whether there is a problem.

    We got newspapers from the future!

    We got copies of the next day's papers — and the ink on them was still wet. We also got a magazine dated March 9, three days after our visit.

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