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1,000 Years Of Women's Beauty

See how hair, makeup, and clothing trends have changed over time.

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This is how girls looked in the year 1016! (1,000 years ago.) They often wore tunics over their hair, staying strict to follow ancient traditions. As of makeup, women started to paint their lips and powder their cheeks with carmine red and dead flowers.


V-necks became popular in the 14th century, and women were still showing off their chests. Chemise sleeves and kirtles were worn with fancy dresses. Jewel work on the hair and hair nets were the shit, too.


Black velvet and other quality materials were used to make beautiful dresses. Instead of v-necks, women decided to flaunt their decolletage with square necks, as shown above. Trumpet sleeves were a must-have as well. (Trumpet sleeves are tight on the upper and flared below) Women's hair was often done up and styled with veils and/or hoods. Red, full lips, pale skin and light hair was portrayed as beautiful. A protruding stomach and hips were seen as womanly and sexy.


Things got a little more elegant in the 1600s. Lace collars, magnificent headpieces, and ruffs were worn on the head and neck. Shoes were made of velvet and silk. The smaller your foot, the more lady-like you appeared.


Floral patterns came up during this time period! Skirts were worn over wire hoops to create the flattering appearance of larger hips. Dresses were often colorful, and ruffles were essential to any outfit, usually as a trim.


In the 18th century, girls wore girdles under their dresses now. Square necks were still popular, but they started to get rounder throughout the 1800s. Curly hair was trendy and headpieces were now decked out with feathers, flowers, and cloth. Warmth came up as a subject, and people started making high-quality dresses made of fine fabrics to keep the ladies toasty when it was cold.


Ahh, the 1900s! Women were classy, and black and white clothes were IN. Leather gloves and sleek dresses were sexy. Red lipstick and dark, thin eyebrows were the makeup trends. Corsets were often worn and being "thin" was considered "beautiful."

Early 2000s

The early 2000s are a time to remember. Girls wore short dresses, lots of pink, and glitter. High heels, boots, and flats were cool. Ladies crimp-curled their hair and dyed it wild colors. Makeup consisted of glittery colorful eyeshadows, lip gloss, and mascara.

2017-2018 (Now)

It's 2017/18, and women are drawing their eyebrows and wearing makeup. Many girls let their hair be natural, while others dye and style it. We've gone through many odd trends, but usually, the clothing stays casual. Fortunately, the media is now portraying that you should love your body, and that curves are sexy. Women with an hourglass shape are getting more attention than ever!

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