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Evil Clown Stalks Children for Fun

Remember how you felt the first time you saw that evil clown in Stephen King’s It, peeking out from below the sewer grate? Now you can give your kids a real, live scary clown for their birthday … complete with stalking!

bsanders 9 years ago

Teen Texts Parents During Home Robbery: "Call Police"

The teen was home sick from school when he heard knocking on the front door. In typical teen fashion, he ignored it. When the banging continued, he reached for his cell to call his parents, when suddenly he heard someone running up the stairs.

bsanders 9 years ago

Moms Say Affairs Make Them Late for School

A survey of 2,000 women by WinMonkey, a UK online games site, found that 20 percent of moms are late to pick up their kids from school because they're having extra-marital affairs.

bsanders 10 years ago

Pregnant Woman Held at Hospital Against Her Will

A pregnant woman in early labor asks to leave the hospital to care for her two young children and to get a second opinion. Doctors say no, and get a judge to force her to stay.

bsanders 10 years ago