11 Not-So-Humble Reasons Why "Always And Forever" Is The Best "To All The Boys" Movie

    "Woah, woah, woah", I wasn't ready for these feels!

    If you haven’t watched To All The Boys: Always And Forever, honestly what have you been doing?! Here are 11 moments from the movie where I may or may not have cried because of how cute they are.


    1. When LJ found the lock that her mother and father left in Seoul.

    Lara Jean holding onto a lock that says "Eve plus Dan"

    2. When Peter asked Lara Jean to prom.

    A stack of pancakes and "prom?" question written in strawberry syrup

    3. The bowling date that LJ planned.

    Photo booth photos of lara jean and peter in bowling outfits

    4. When Dr. Covey proposed to Trina in her house.

    LJ's dad on one knee in front of Trina

    5. Trevor’s ~promposal~ to Chris in NYC.

    Lucas playing truth or dare on a couch with Chris and Trevor offering up a bouquet of Subway sandwiches

    6. When Peter told Lara Jean it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t get in to Stanford.

    Peter Kavinsky looking concerned in a cafe

    7. The moment that Lara Jean fell in love with New York City.

    Lara Jean and an NYU student on a NYC rooftop

    8. When Lara Jean & Peter broke up after prom.

    Chris leaning on Lara Jean as she cries in her bed

    9. Everything about Dr. Covey and Trina’s adorable backyard wedding.

    LJ, her sisters and Chris smile in the wedding tent while holding onto each other

    10. Peter’s ode to LJ and their “meet-cute” after the wedding.

    Lara Jean reading her yearbook in her dad's wedding tent

    11. All of the references to the other TATBILB movies.

    Lara Jean sitting on a bench at school, screencaps from the first and last film

    To conclude: This is the best movie in the series.