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The 5 Best "One-Minute Mashups"

If you gave Girl Talk some crack and an acoustic guitar, I'm pretty sure it would sound like this guy.

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1. Every Blink 182 Album

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As it turns out, one minute is more than enough time be reminded of your awkward "angsty" phase back in high school. Thanks, Blink.

2. Boy Band Medley

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I dare you to watch this without dusting off your copy of No Strings Attached shortly afterwards. Come on, you know you bought a copy.

3. Disney Songs

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This one would have been ranked higher had he included any songs from Mulan. Come on, how good is "I'll Make a Man Out of You"?

4. 90's One-Hit Wonders

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Fun fact: This video is the most publicity Lou Bega has received since 1999.

5. Christmas Songs

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Deck the halls with crazy mashups.

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