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  • 210 WTF Were They Thinking?!? Tattoos

    These days, it seems as though everyone, from your professor to your little sister, has a tattoo. And some of them aren’t half bad. But if the Internet is evidence of anything, there are a hell of a lot more hilariously horrible tattoos out there than anyone would like to admit. So we made it our duty to scour for all the worst pictures the Internet has to off, giving you hundreds of examples of what not to get as your next tat. So get ready for 210 “WTF Were They Thinking?” Tattoos, because this one is gonna hurt.

  • 10 Reasons White People Shouldn’t Dance at Music Festivals [Videos]

    After attending the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago this weekend, we became acutely aware of a sad fact: white people should not dance at festivals. Period. Maybe it’s the drugs, maybe it’s just the whiteness, but there’s just something sad about seeing people make fools of themselves in public. Just take a gander at these 10 flailing festival-a**clowns, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

  • 50 Ways Manny Ramirez Could’ve Better Blown $7.7 Million

    Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, Manny Ramirez was just busted for failing a performance-enhancing drug test. As a result, Man-Ram received a 50 game suspension effective immediately. Aside from totally screwing over the Dodgers, Manny’s absence will cost him roughly $7.7 million. So just to rub in the sheer stupidity of his actions, we’ve decided to throw together a list of 50 way better ways he could have blown that cash, other than losing it to the MLB.

  • Swanky Swine Flu Fashion Tips

    Swine Flu’s way better than Bird Flu, and a contender with the economic recession. And with people on the New York streets starting to sport surgical masks, The Big A is soon to look like Mexico… hopefully with a little more style. View Image ›

  • Beware The Creep-ster Bunny!

    Before this, we thought Easter was all about egg hunts, candy and going to church just to make your mom happy. But for these (probably mentally unstable) dudes, it means dressing up in F’ing bunny costumes and creeping us the hell out. Seriously, kids, if any of these dudes offer you candy, don’t even think about eating it.

  • Cheerleaders of the 2009 NCAA Sweet 16

    Just a short time ago, 64 teams entered into the March Madness tournament filled with hopes of NCAA basketball glory. But after a lot of sweat, tears and bracket-killing upsets, we’re down to the lucky bastards of the Sweet 16. And we could think of no better way to celebrate this than, you guessed it, cheerleaders! (What else?)

  • Letterman Reveals Bar Refaeli is 2009 SI Cover Model

    After hearing that the model would be first announced on tonight’s Late Show with David Letterman, we sent one of our editors over to the Ed Sullivan Theater during the filming to get the inside scoop. So, without further adieu, the 2009 SI Swimsuit Issue cover model is… Bar Refaeli!

  • 406 Bands Who Twitter

    Holy sh*tstorm do we have a Twitter list for you- the most comprehensive list of musicians, DJs and bands who use Twitter on the Internet.

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