14 Questions About Polyamory, Answered

    Curious about polyamory? Check out these frequently asked questions before bugging a stranger about their sex life.

    If you've been anywhere near the Internet for the past few years, you've probably noticed the term "polyamory" (or just "poly") being thrown around.

    It's OK if you still don't quite get it.

    1. Isn't it just cheating by another name?

    2. Do you have sex, like, all the time?

    3. Is this, like, a Mormon thing?

    4. Aren’t you scared of STIs?

    5. What if your partner falls in love with someone else?

    6. Don't you get jealous?

    7. What happens if two partners need you at the same time?

    8. Don't you get confused about who likes what?

    9. Have you ever called your partners the wrong name?

    10. Isn't it a hassle remembering birthdays and anniversaries?

    11. Who's better in bed?

    12. Who will you have kids with?

    13. You'll stop when you settle down, right?

    14. I don't think I could do that?

    *Name has been changed.