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    • brycewinchesterl

      My pet peeve when I worked retail was “is this for men or women?”/”is this for a boy or a girl?”  I don’t freaking know! Are you a man? Do you like the cute sunglasses? Then they are for men. Is your child a girl? Does she like playing with that drum? Then that drum is for a girl. The fact that I work here does not make me the almighty authority on the gender status of a leather bracelet, and your insecurity makes me uncomfortable. How about you stop worrying about whether you’re properly conforming, and just pick out something you genuinely like? One time, I had a woman who wanted a gift for her toddler nephew and I was like “the only item we have for toddlers are these unisex overalls”, which I showed her, and she literally goes “don’t you think they’d make him look gay?”. I was speechless. This kid is TWO YEARS OLD and you’re already projecting your homophobia and gender paranoia onto him. Never mind that the salesperson you’re talking to could be gay (spoiler: I am). How inconsiderate.

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