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21 Reasons To Love Gaming


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We went to PAX Prime, America's biggest gaming expo to find out why people love gaming. And since the love for games is so universal, we also took our search to the internet.

People were asked to complete the statement, "Everybody should love gaming because..."

1. It's a passionate hobby which connects you to other people.

"It can open doors to infinite possibilities."
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"It can open doors to infinite possibilities."

2. It's a tool to manage health and happiness.

@BuzzFeedGeeky It helps take my mind off the chronic pain; it's a great, drug free pain management strategy #WhyILoveGaming

3. You meet tons of awesome new friends.

"You meet the coolest people doing the coolest shit!!!"
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"You meet the coolest people doing the coolest shit!!!"

4. Or a group of friends that are basically family.

Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed
"It brings people together!"
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"It brings people together!"

5. If you're lucky, you might even find the one.

"It brought us together <3."
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"It brought us together <3."

6. Gaming lets you discover your ~creative~ side.

@BuzzFeedGeeky you can experience an interactive form of storytelling and fun

7. And helps you realize that different people enjoy different things.

&quot;There&#x27;s something for everyone!&quot;
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"There's something for everyone!"

8. The important thing is to have fun, and to keep having fun.

&quot;Fun is good for you!!!&quot;
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"Fun is good for you!!!"

9. And maybe you'll discover your inner heroine.

#WhyILoveGaming It makes me feel brave to have others depend on me @BuzzFeedGeeky

10. You'll meet a bunch of interesting characters on your journey.

&quot;Badass characters.&quot;
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"Badass characters."

11. But also live many different lives.

@BuzzFeedGeeky it inspires creativity and critical thinking while allowing you to become someone else for a short while. #WhyILoveGaming

12. Video games make your imaginations come true.

&quot;It inspires imagination.&quot;
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"It inspires imagination."

13. You can joyride, even when you can't IRL.

@BuzzFeedGeeky bc you can pretend you drive sick cars instead of crying over student loans

14. And it works those brain muscles.

&quot;Brain stimulation! Keep that mind sharp!&quot;
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"Brain stimulation! Keep that mind sharp!"

15. And maybe even your other muscles, when you're fighting your siblings (or mom, in this case) for the controller.

&quot;Hella rad family bonding.&quot;
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"Hella rad family bonding."

16. There's no bad time for gaming.

@BuzzFeedGeeky Everyone should love gaming, because it brings us together in happiness, at any time.

17. Hell, the whole world needs it now.

&quot;It drives the economy.&quot;
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"It drives the economy."

18. So do local communities.

&quot;It builds our community!&quot;
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"It builds our community!"

19. It's a powerful form of catharsis.

&quot;It&#x27;s freeing.&quot;
Byrant Hua for BuzzFeed

"It's freeing."

20. And it's an incredible way to escape.

@BuzzFeedGeeky it helps you escape the insane reality of life. #WhyILoveGaming

21. 'Nuff said.

&quot;&#x27;Cause it&#x27;s friggin&#x27; awesome! Do it.&quot;
Bryant Hua for BuzzFeed

"'Cause it's friggin' awesome! Do it."

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