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Dec 17, 2014

The Definitive Ranking Of Pokémon Eyebrows On Fleek

Gotta shape them all.

12. Electrode

Nintendo / Via

Consider the arch a saving grace. Electrode's eyebrows look like they were drawn in with a No. 2 pencil. Someone call a Pokémon Center, Electrode needs lace front eyebrows stat.

11. Buizel

Nintendo / Via

Although Buizel's eyebrow game isn't as strong as the other contenders, Buizel wins points for original shape. You go Buizel!

10. Pupitar

Nintendo / Via

Despite them being hollow, Pupitar's thick eyebrows soften and balance its strong jawline. Enjoy them while they last!

9. Blaziken

Nintendo / Via

After evolving from the eyebrow-less Combusken, Blaziken changes the game with a fiery new look.

8. Hoothoot

Nintendo / Via

Hoothoot plays the eyebrow game strong with arrow-shaped brows to lengthen its round face.

7. Delibird

Nintendo / Via

As an ice type Pokémon, Delibird gives frosted tips a new meaning.

6. Tympole

Nintendo / Via

Tympole gets eyebrow points for uniqueness and emotional confusion. Are you happy or sad?

5. Gyarados

Nintendo / Via

Gyarados' eyebrow game is so strong that it has three eyebrows. ON FLEEK.

4. Milotic

Nintendo / Via

Miltoic is considered the most beautiful of all the Pokémon... unfortunately, this is not a beauty contest. Milotic's arch game may be strong, but definitely lackluster in other areas. Maybe next year.

3. Unfezant

Nintendo / Via

With the perfect amount of fullness and arch, Unfezant's eyebrows definitely deserve a spot in our top three.

2. Lopunny

Nintendo / Via

Lopunny's eyebrows are full and fluffy. Definitely on fleek.

1. Darmanitan

Nintendo / Via

One word: ombré.

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