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    This App Is The Best Thing For Comic Readers

    A comic a day, delivered right to your phone.

    Line Webtoon is an app that allows users to create their very own comics and enjoy the work of other comic enthusiasts. Here are some of the kinds of comics you'll find on Webtoon:

    Animated and jam-packed with action, "Cyko-KO" is the comic for you.

    Robert Feldman / Via

    Subscribe to "Heroine Chic" for a world of superhero fashion.

    David Tischman / Via

    "Star Wars"...for obvious reasons.

    Hong Jacga / Via

    Dive into the most read manga on the planet, "Tower of God," to reveal your deepest desires.

    Siu / Via

    Give your eyes a treat with "Sithrah," a beautiful comic by a former Dreamworks animator.

    Jason Brubaker / Via

    Get in some quick laughs with the cute comedy "Cluster Fudge."

    Want a slice of life? Catch up with BuzzFeed's best of selection here with content from our very own illustrators.

    Comics that get you.

    Check us out.

    Dami Lee for BuzzFeed Comics / Via

    From action, sci-fi, thriller, to heartwarming, and romance, find new comics every day on Line Webtoon for free. Download for iOS and Android.

    LINE Webtoon / Via

    And be sure to check out Line Webtoon's contest where you could win $30,000 and a chance to work with Stan Lee.

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