Who Should Be The 12th Doctor?

With Matt Smith’s reign coming to a sad end, who will replace him as the 12th Doctor?

1. Alexander Vlahos

When I think of the 12th Doctor, his face comes to mind.

2. Russell Tovey

He originally auditioned to be the 11th Doctor, so I think he deserves a second chance.

3. Toby Stephens

He’s classicaly trained, his mom is Dame Maggie Smith, and he’s a ginger, it’s a match made in doctor heaven

4. Benedict Cumberbatch


5. Colin Morgan

Imagine him in that tight black t shirt from “Midnight” saving people, flirting with the ladies. Ya know, normal Doctor things!

And just because I can.

6. Chris Hardwick!!

Chris has said numerous times how much he would love to be the Doctor. Even though he’s ‘MURICAN I think he could be a great Doctor.

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