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How I Felt Watching The Name Of The Doctor

The series finale that caused feels all over the world

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When they showed Gallifrey:

When Clara is seen following the Doctor through his entire timeline

When you hear the whispering

When Vastra roofies Clara's letter

When River appears at the meeting

When Jenny announces that she's been murdered

When River bitch slapped Vastra out of her slumber

When the Doctor calls the kids "Little Daleks"

When the Tardis tries to stop the Doctor from going to Trenzalore

When Clara and the Doctor jump out of the Tardis

When they show the giant Tardis tomb

When they see River's grave

When Strax brings Jenny back to life

When we find out that the Whispermen are Dr. Simeon clones

When for a whole .5 seconds you thought the Doctor's name was "Please"

When the Doctor collapses from the paradox

When Dr. Simeon walks through the Doctor's timeline

When Jenny dies...again

When Clara says "Run you Clever boy, and remember."

Clara enters the timeline and we get the cool montage from the beginning

When River and the Doctor makeout but it looks like he's making out with air

"If you ever loved me say it like you’re going to come back."

When the Doctor tells Clara to catch the leaf

When the Doctor says the know...the thing!

"Introducing John Hurt as 'The Doctor'"

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