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Parents And Children: Relationship Styles

Parenting is different for every family. This listicle will describe some different types of familial relationships and how parents interact with their children.

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1. Equilibrium


All family systems will follow a pattern. Things within the family system will change in order to go back to equilibrium. For example, a father's new job in another state would cause the entire family to adjust to this new situation.

2. Triangles

A triangle is when two subsystems are affected in communication and support by a third subsystem. In middle childhood, this could mean a child is a communicator for his or her fighting parents.

3. Parenting Styles


Parenting styles in middle childhood effect how a child behaves. Authoritative parenting is when parents are high in warmth but also high in control. An authoritarian parent, shown above, is high in control, but low in warmth. Permissive parenting is high in warmth, but has low control. Finally, an uninvolved parent shows low warmth and low control.

4. Differential Parenting


Differential parenting is when parents treat sibling differently. An example of this could be that the parents treat a younger child better and show more warmth than to their older child. A child in middle childhood will have a higher self-esteem if they believe there is not differential treatment.

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