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15 On-Screen Teams That Would Be Perfect For Season 2 Of "True Detective"

Several actors have been rumored to be starring in season 2 of True Detective. Why not one of these proven duos?

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5. Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker

New Line Cinema / Via

Why they'd be great: Imagine Jackie Chan delivering one of Matthew McConaughey's monologues from season 1, and then imagine Chris Tucker yelling, "Don't nobody understand the words that are comin' out of your mouth man!"

6. Roberty Downey Jr. & Samuel L. Jackson

Marvel Studios / Via

Why they'd be great: Downey Jr. and Jackson share much of the same chemistry that McConaughey and Harrelson had in season 1 of True Detective. They can have heated arguments and then joke around with each other moments later.

9. Christian Bale & Hugh Jackman

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

Why they'd be great: Bale and Jackman are most famous for portraying superheroes, but they played against each other amazingly well as macigians in The Prestige. That same rivalry could work with the two of them playing detectives working a case.

13. Samira Wiley & Danielle Brooks

Netflix / Via

Why they'd be great: Wiley and Brooks are terrific as inmates on Orange is the New Black. It'd be great to see them work on the other side of the law. Also, Wiley and Brooks are great names for detectives.

14. Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall

Paramount Pictures / Via

Why they'd be great: These two paired perfectly together in Coming to America. Murphy has proved he can play a believable cop, and Hall would be great as his sidekick.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little while longer to see who the true stars of True Detective season 2 will be. Rest assured, it probably wont be any of these actors.

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