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According to Hipstersexual – Noun – Hip-stir-sex-you-all – A hipstersexual is a Parliament (P-funk) smoking rich kid who usually surfs the web using Google Chrome or the iMac version of Netscape, posting Photoshop’d images on their Tumblr accounts and tags their images with anti-capitalist comments and rant about how America is such a drag. A hipster will never blog without running it through the hipster online thesaurus to make their verbal library seem vast. You can find hipstersexuals in any high income cities, where they try and act like they are poor, while mom and dad spend money on their 2 year trade school art degrees and their “white side of town” studio apartments. These freak free loaders need to #occupyajobapplication Typical Boy 1:Why is that homosexual kid wearing purple leggings, an aqua and Autumn brown scarf and smoking a pipe while he plays Gameboy? Typical Boy 2:Oh, he is a hipstersexual.

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