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Moscow Celebrates Its 870th Anniversary!

In 2017, the Russian capital celebrates its 870th anniversary. During the Moscow Anniversary 870 festival (September 1-10), 40+ venues across the city will shed light on the outstanding achievements, discoveries and inventions of Muscovites. The overarching style of Moscow's 870th anniversary is based on a series of original textile ornaments created by Soviet artists Varvara Stepanova and Lyubov Popova in 1923–1924. They were inspired by the oeuvre of the Russian avant-garde and constructivism masters, which had already won wide praise around the world. None of the world’s art schools could match the Russian constructivism in its sheer strength, independence, brilliance, emotional power and conceptual novelty. This is one of the most influential and recognizable cultural movements that Russia has given to the world. The avant-garde originated in Moscow and ended up a huge influence on the entire 20th century culture. Bauhaus, the most prominent western architecture school of the time, inherited many of the avant-garde features. The big City Day celebrations will be held in Tverskaya Street on 9 and 10 September 2017. The history of Moscow's discoveries, victories and achievements will come to life on the central Moscow street. The visitors will get the chance to enjoy informative lectures, interactive performances, concerts, best bits of the Moscow theater plays, spectacular sports and science shows, and meetings with renowned Muscovites. There are many ways Moscow has contributed to the global heritage: it is the Russian capital and a huge city, an intellectual center and a talent foundry. Over the centuries, Moscow scientists, pioneers, architects, aviators, astronauts, cultural figures, athletes and military have left their mark in the Russian and world history with their inventions, discoveries and achievements. They will be celebrated with interactive art installations and a cultural and educational program. The venues in Tverskaya will be devoted to the following themes:

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Moscow discovers: Get to know more about the major geographical discoveries, renowned pioneers and travelers, and Moscow’s role in the exploration of the Arctic Region and the Antarctic.

Moscow creates: Acquaint yourself with Moscow choreographers, opera singers and theater figures, writers, composers, painters and filmmakers, all of whom made a great contribution to the world’s cultural heritage.

Moscow sets records: Celebrate the achievements of Moscow athletes, outstanding sports schools, and the historic sports events: the 1980 Summer Olympics and the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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