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16 Emotions Sketch Users Experience Every Day

Finally! Perfect design softw… Oh wait, Sketch quit unexpectedly.

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1. You've explained to your colleagues time after time that it's not SketchUp.

2. And you're definitely not talking about a sketch on paper.

3. And this? You can't even...

4. But when that hot new phone requires 3x assets? No problem!

5. Your designer friends are sick of you bugging them to ditch Adobe products.

6. Maybe because it’s a little too easy to lose track of how many artboards you’ve created in a single Sketch file.

Is 100 too many? 1000?

7. The IT staff avoids you when you ask them to install indie software.

Enterprise support plan? Uh... I'll check on that.

8. But you're quick to inform them how much money they'll save.

A one year, single-user, subscription to Adobe CC for teams costs more than 10x the price of a single Sketch license.

9. I mean, just think what you could do with all that extra cash...

10. You dread even the most basic text changes.

It's going to be faster to just re-type everything on a new text layer, isn't it?

11. And if you see one more ghost artboard...

So wait, is it actually deleted?

12. But then you totally save hours of work by exporting all your artboards and resolutions at once.

3.5X TIFFs? No problem.

13. There's that feeling of disdain when someone sends you a PSD.

Seriously, can't I just uninstall this already?

14. So you tell them Sketch is so easy, even non-designers can master it.

15. Plus, once they experience the godsend that is Sketch Mirror, there's no going back.

Seriously the best $4.99 you will ever spend.

16. At the end of the day, you know that even with all the bugs, all of the frustrations, your work has never been better!

Soooo... When is Sketch 4 coming out?

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