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Single? 5 Ideas To Survive Valentine’s Day.

Are you single on Valentine’s Day? No need to worry, you are definitely not the only one! Originally, Valentine’s Day which announces the coming of spring, was devoted to single persons. Why shouldn’t you see this day rather as the “Singles’ Day”? Here are some tips that may help you to spend a very happy “Singles’ Day”:

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1. Organise a funny activity


For example, a toboggan or skating rink daytime with friends where you will rediscover the joy of playing and go back to the carefree times where love didn’t had any importance.

2. Go out for a walk with a friend


For this activity you will need to bring your four-legged friend who does not care about the date of the day and whose love is unconditional.

3. Share a meal with some friends


Get your single friends together to share an excellent meal! You can suggest a theme, for example « wine and cheese dinner » where everybody will bring what he prefers and share it with everybody.

4. Open your eyes about the world


In other places of the world, Valentine’s Day is a celebration dedicated to friendship. So, you could share your wishes with your friends by letting them know that they mean a lot to you.

5. Pamper yourself

If you are alone, avoid feeling sorry for yourself. Forget about love movies and instead take the time to pamper yourself. Cook your favourite meal, put on some music, set a place at the table and arrange your food attractively on your plate. Take advantage of this day to take care of your body by making yourself homemade cosmetics product for example. Being single does not mean that you must renounce to enjoy and take care of yourself!

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