13 People Who Hate US Airways

You’re the worst.

1. Rainn Wilson

You screwed over the cast of the Office. Unforgivable.

2. Tracy Davidson

It’s okay US Airways, she’s just a consumer reporter. Her word doesn’t mean anything…

3. This dude…

Gross. Can you help a brother out?

4. …and this guy too

You made him so upset he had to tweet about it.

5. This Toronto Maple Leafs fan

You made him miss a playoff game. HOW COULD YOU?

6. …and this other Toronto Maple Leafs fan

Did you at least connect these two fans so they can watch the game together at a sad airport bar?

7. This girl too

What you going to do about it, US Airways?

8. …and this girl who waited on a plane

…for three hours. that’s like a Harry Potter movie.

9. This daughter who missed Mother’s Day

Not the best gift you can give, US Airways. At least Southwest Airlines helped her out.

10. This loyal Southwest Airlines flier…

Because you suck at giving people answers.

11. This guy too…

What’s with your airplane smelling like the pee pee, yo?


You made him type in ALL CAPS.

13. …and this girl who just wants to be treated right

Delays are inevitable, but customer service can make a difference.

14. Do you hear them, US AIRWAYS?

18. …they just want answers


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