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Easter Grazing Board

Now that’s what I call an Easter feaster — Easter Grazing Board, featuring Brumby’s hot cross buns.


6 Brumby’s Hot Cross Buns, 2 halved, toasted and 4 fresh

50g hundreds and thousands biscuits

4 medium sized chocolate eggs

100g small chocolate easter eggs

125g speckled easter eggs

60g blueberries

50g raspberries

120g strawberries

150g marshmallows

10 white chocolate coated pretzels

1 large waffle, halved

½ cup marshmallow fluff spread

½ cup chocolate hazelnut spread

¼ cup thickened cream


1. In a small bowl combine the marshmallow fluff, chocolate hazelnut spread and cream until well combined. Spoon into your serving bowl.

2. On a round platter, put the bowl of hazelnut fluff dip in the centre. Then, place a fresh Brumby's Hot Cross Bun at two diagonal points and the two toasted buns at opposite points.

3. Fill up your platter with the biscuits, medium sized easter eggs, waffles, marshmallows and strawberries. Decorate and fill in the gaps with the small easter eggs, speckled eggs, pretzels, blueberries and raspberries.

4. Enjoy!