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    • bruins18

      WhileIunderstand that everybody hasadifferent opinion, here is mine: Rachel Sanders, you areamoron.Iam biased becauseIhave grown up with horses my entire life, butIhave also done copious amounts of research on this subject. There is an overpopulation of horses in America, and slaughter for human consumption could beaviable option IF there were humane slaughterhouses, firstly. In addition to that, horses obtained for slaughterhouses are usually old, sick, and broken down, as well as many ex-racehorses. This is whatIhaveahuge problem with. People use animals for personal gain then dump them off for an undignified end. Horses are also given many shots and medications over their lifetimes that make them unsafe for consumption. And people that say horses are “a glorified farm animal” are also ignorant. Horses carried us on their backs across this country before automobiles. Horses are used for sport, in many events, some of which are events in the Olympics. Horses are prominent in film and literature (War Horse, Black Beauty, Seabiscuit, Horse Whisperer) the list can go on and on. What other “farm animals” have this place in sport, film, and literature? Why these things may not mean as much to people from other countries, they do to many Americans. This article was set up inalousy way. AllIgot from this was whiny chefs complaining about how they want to cook more animals.Ihave never readaBuzzfeed articleIdidn’t like until today.

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