I am a Renaissance Man. I love sci-fi and fantasy books. I love music and I am currently working with one of my best friends on a bi-monthly music podcast called "Weightless".
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    • brucer

      So for all the people who SAY the Democrats and the President are refusing to come to the table to negotiate. Bullocks. The negotiations happened when the bill was written and when it was debated in congress willy nilly for months on end. It was voted on and signed into law. You don’t negotiate AFTER the bill is a law. IF you want to get rid of the ACA, then you write another law and debate it in Congress. Then you vote on it. So, with the House, controlled by the Republicans KNOW that is how it works, but they know they can’t win that way. So they fight it tooth and nail to try and keep it as an “issue” for the next election and use it to stir up their base to vote. They know that this is their last chance to stay in office. They KNOW that once it goes into effect and the majority of people should get lower prices on their health care, that the jig is up. People won’t vote to try and stop it. Cause 600 dollars a month extra in your pocket goes a LONG way to making life nicer. So, they are playing a game of chicken here. They are betting that the other side will blink first. But they were sent to congress to uphold the laws and constitution of the United States. So by not doing their job, they are essentially committing treason.

    • brucer

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