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We Asked A Scientist To Tell Us 11 Wild Facts About Radiation

Bananas are radioactive?!

Curious to learn more about how radiation affects us (for better and worse), we spoke with Andrei Hanu, PhD, a senior scientist at Bruce Power in Tiverton, Ontario, to get the wildest facts about radiation he could offer...and, fam, we were not disappointed.

1. New York's Grand Central Terminal emits more radiation than a nuclear power plant.

2. We are exposed to non-ionizing radiation all the time.

3. In general, ionizing radiation is created when unstable atoms or radioisotopes give off energy to reach a more stable state.

4. We emit more ionizing radiation than our cellphones.

5. Everyday things like wireless routers expose us to radiation...

6. do cigarettes.

7. Even your breakfast could be slightly radioactive!

8. Pilots/flight attendants are sometimes called “radiation workers.”

9. Radiation from the sun has turned formerly red, white, and blue American flags on the moon white.

10. The average yearly radiation dose per person in the US is 620 mrem (or just over 6 mSv).

11. Not all radiation is harmful — in fact, some types are saving lives!

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