Bruce M.
61 and disabled enjoying my sunshine years, good wife is my care-giver.
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    • Bruce M.

      Rampant animalistic breeding must stop. Corporate exploitation must stop. War must stop. Anger must be replaced with logic. Humanity needs to be threatened from outside to discipline itself - as religion once did and fathered Western civilization. We can do better. We have the tools, we have the technologies. Will China lead the way with her one child policy and her Thorium Energy technologies? Will America destroy the world with Her Plutonium technologies? Her enriched uranium technologies? Her greed? will Chinese styled communism supersede all other forms of government on earth?

    • Bruce M.

      Biggest story overlooked! China’s Thorium LFTR miracles! The dawning of the world’s true “Nuclear”Age”, as predicted many moons ago in Western Science Fiction.
      Thorium Facts:
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    • Bruce M.

      After the Fiscal Cliff “smoke and mirrors” is over and the reality of the “Economic Wall” where the newest conservative, communist, Maoist, Chinese Politburo rejects an Obama coming “hat in hand” for more long term, low loans to “kick the Can”, the U.S. debt, down the road for the next four years for his political convenience and to allow Americans to live the unsustainable American dream lifestyle just a little longer, America will “See the Light” and begin an entirely different American Paradigm, reach hard into their past and find the values they lost along the way, and perhaps in many years attain some of the greatness also lost along the way.
      A larger number of the much greater Asian population have achieved many more, and much more useful diplomas, degrees, in Sciences than Americans. India’s population with measured IQ’s over 130 exceeds the entire U.S. population. China, who knows? The number of English speaking Chinese on the net today exceeds the entire U.S. population. 60% Canadians speak an Asian language at home now. All of these populations together do not share in the 70% of the worlds resources consumed in the U.S. China has mass produce-able Thorium, LFTR styled reactors. America does not. These reactors will “Alter Global Energy Maps Forever”. China has a growing working electric bullet train network, providing workers there extremely cheap, fast, effective, comfortable, transportation. U.S. peons still tied to huge car lease or ownership expenses they can hardly afford, just to get to work.
      No matter how deprived the American Peon becomes, the costs for the system he lives in, exceed his abilities to pay. Once the Economic Wall based on world trade is realized, the U.S. system will have failed and will be changed.

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