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18 Reasons Why Nothing Compares To The Iowa State Fair

So, Al Franken, you think your state fair is the greatest? Not so fast. Minnesota will never hold a candle to the Iowa State Fair. Here are 18 reasons why no state fair compares to the Iowa State Fair.

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Want to see a real butter sculpture? Nothing compares to the Iowa State Fair's Butter Cow.

Since 1911 the Butter Cow has been a staple of the Iowa State Fair. This year's Butter Cow weighed in at nearly 600 pounds.

2. The state fair is always better with friends and over the years the Butter Cow has had plenty of friends, including:

5. In Iowa we pride ourselves on innovation and pushing the boundaries of culinary possibility.

If you ask a Minnesotan how to fry a stick of butter they'll tell you it can't be done. In Iowa, we'll tell you line up and watch the magic happen.

6. Obviously, our deep fried and on-a-stick mastery is second to none, as BuzzFeed has already pointed out. But here's a few more new additions from this year's fair that were crowd favorites.

8. And when kids are tired of looking at animals, they can always ride them instead.

It's called Mutton Bustin,' which is just like bull riding, except kids ride sheep, instead of rodeo cowboys riding bulls, (although we've got that here too).

10. Before you sit in the Oval Office you'd better take a trip to the Iowa State Fair.

Whether it's something on a stick or a trip to the midway, presidential hopefuls and the national press need to spend some time on the fair's 445 acres.