18 Reasons Why Nothing Compares To The Iowa State Fair

So, Al Franken, you think your state fair is the greatest? Not so fast. Minnesota will never hold a candle to the Iowa State Fair. Here are 18 reasons why no state fair compares to the Iowa State Fair.

Want to see a real butter sculpture? Nothing compares to the Iowa State Fair’s Butter Cow.

Since 1911 the Butter Cow has been a staple of the Iowa State Fair. This year’s Butter Cow weighed in at nearly 600 pounds.

It’s important enough that it’s even got it’s own security detail

sphotos-b-iad.xx.fbcdn.net / Via Iowa State Fair on Facebook

2. The state fair is always better with friends and over the years the Butter Cow has had plenty of friends, including:

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang.

Harry Potter and the Full Butter Prince.

Neil Armstrong landing on a butter moon.

One small step for man, one giant leap for butter sculpting.

Even legendary Iowa native John Wayne was immortalized in butter.

3. I’ve got three words for you: Rogers and Hammerstein. The famous musical ‘State Fair’ is all about the Iowa State Fair.

4. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or 50th fair, everyone loves the Giant Slide

5. In Iowa we pride ourselves on innovation and pushing the boundaries of culinary possibility.

If you ask a Minnesotan how to fry a stick of butter they’ll tell you it can’t be done. In Iowa, we’ll tell you line up and watch the magic happen.

6. Obviously, our deep fried and on-a-stick mastery is second to none, as BuzzFeed has already pointed out. But here’s a few more new additions from this year’s fair that were crowd favorites.

Fried Brownie on-a-stick

Soft Salted Chocolate-Dipped Almond Pretzel On-a-stick

7. And who doesn’t love giant livestock?

Like this year’s “Super Bull” competiton winner, Squirt.

Weighed in at 3,032 lbs, which is still over 350 lbs. shy of the record holder, Big Black, who weighed in at 3,404 lbs. in 2009.

And the Biggest Boar, Otis.

Weighed in at over 1,000 lbs.

8. And when kids are tired of looking at animals, they can always ride them instead.

It’s called Mutton Bustin,’ which is just like bull riding, except kids ride sheep, instead of rodeo cowboys riding bulls, (although we’ve got that here too).

9. Put down the corn dog and funnel cake and take part in democracy - Iowa State Fair style. Cast your kernel and make your presidential pick.

10. Before you sit in the Oval Office you’d better take a trip to the Iowa State Fair.

Whether it’s something on a stick or a trip to the midway, presidential hopefuls and the national press need to spend some time on the fair’s 445 acres.

And learn how to eat a corn dog properly…

We’re looking at you Minnesota.

But, you’re guaranteed to have a blast while you’re here.

11. The Des Moines Register’s Soapbox is where fairgoers can come and hear from candidates for office.

Including me, and most everyone enjoys the opportunity to hear from Iowans about the issues important to them.

Except when things don’t go quite how you planned them.

12. But even if you’re having a rough day, there’s always the Pork Tent!

Which means it’s time for a Pork Chop On-A-Stick!

13. Then you can head over to the Bud Tent to grab yourself a drink.

14. Or for those with a more sophisticated beer palette, head down to the Iowa Craft Beer Tent.

This year’s tent featured 48 beers from 19 Iowa breweries.

15. You’ll want to make time to catch a concert at the Grandstand.

Get your tickets early though, they sell out fast.

16. Or catch a show at 1 of the 5 free stages.

17. And if you want to take in the view of all 445 acres that make up the Fairgrounds, take a ride on the Sky Glider.

18. But year after year, the best part about the fair is without a doubt, the people.

So with all due respect to my friend Sen. Al Franken and the people of Minnesota, it really is true that nothing compares to the Iowa State Fair!

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