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Remember These 11 Amazing Things From The '90s?

Anyone else remember the '90s? Surge? Pogs? Economic prosperity? Let's look back fondly.

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1. Surge ...

... Commercials Were The Original "The Hunger Games"

Every commercial for Surge was a group of teens in an outdoor dystopian environment fighting to the death to get soda. Checkmate, books.

2. The Cell Phones ...

... Were Part Of Your Outfit

Look at this gif. Cell phones used to require two people to operate, like it was World War One and you were loading and firing a howitzer cannon.

3. Tupac ...

... Was Post-Apocalyptic Instead Of A Hologram

It is important to remember that before Tupac became a trillion points of impossible light, he was merely a man in Thunderdome hand-me-downs, gently paddling a booty that wasn't there.

4. The Shoes ...

... Were Absolutely Amazing

Reebok Pumps were outlawed in 1996 because so many people could suddenly dunk that it wasn't cool to be able to dunk anymore. Literally anyone could dunk in these. Dead people could dunk in them. It was random as hell to see ghosts dunking but it was the '90s so no one really minded.

5. The Internet ...

... Was Completely Awesome

Plug your computer into the phone and click "Internet" and BAM you're surfing the information superhighway. Wanna check out all the websites? Wanna look at 128-by-128 animated gifs of Barney fighting Beavis? Well, you're in luck, because it is the '90s and the world is at your fingertips, cyberdude.

6. Vampires ...

... Were Enemies, Not Romanic Heroes

Vampires were meant to be slayed, either by Wesley Snipes, or Buffy, or Richter Belmont. "Twilight" is dreadful pro-vampire propaganda at its worst.

8. Bill Clinton ...

... Was A Talk Show Guest Before He Was A President

Regardless of how you feel about President Clinton, I think we can all agree that more candidates need to wear sunglasses on talk shows.

10. Dance Crazes ...

... Were Totally Sincere

Ignore whatever ironic K-Pop dance/music video/indie rapper is popular at the time you're reading this. The Macarena was the number one single on Billboard for three straight months in 1996. By comparison, that's equal to "Call Me Maybe" and that Gotye song combined. Checkmate, contemporary music.

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