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5 Movie/TV Show Characters You Probably Want To Know More About

It says something great about a writer whose minor characters are so interesting that you find yourself wondering why a movie about their lives hasn’t been made yet.

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1. Glenn Coco


You’re lying to yourself if you say that you don’t want to know more about this Mean Girls character’s life. What led to his FOUR candy-cane-gram reputation? Why isn’t there a movie about his life yet? We haven’t heard him speak one word, but it’s obvious he’s an interesting guy who leads an exciting life. Tell us more about his North Shore High shenanigans!

2. Kathy Santoni


While on the topic of popular kids in school, this character was mentioned quite a few times before we actually saw her on Full House. That is, she was interesting before we ever even saw her! Apparently, her social status increased with her bra cup size over the course of only one summer. What else happened that summer? We eventually find out in the later seasons that she gets married and becomes pregnant while still in high school. Tell us more!

3. Lanny Onasis


Here’s a character from Lizzie McGuire, who, unlike Kathy Santoni, we always saw but never heard. He's a loyal friend and it seemed like only Matt McGuire could understand and effectively communicate with. However, it can be assumed that he must have been able to communicate with his family and teachers, right? Are his family members silent like he is? Show us his home life!

4. Homeless Guy from Big Daddy


This character didn’t even obtain an actual character name, but that doesn’t make him any less appealing. He has to be the only homeless person who is picky about the food someone is offering to buy them. It makes you wonder how he ended up in his situation and how he makes due being so particular. It's obvious he has much to say and many stories to tell. Details of before and after he broke his Dad’s arm would be nice.

5. Mitch Murphy


Remember Mitch Murphy, the kid who lives across the street from the McCallisters in Home Alone? Sure, the McCallister parents have a ton of kids. It was really Mitch Murphy’s fault that Kevin was left at home alone. Mitch is extremely inquisitive and isn’t shy in any way. While chatting it up with the McCallisters’ airport van driver, asking endless questions, he mentions his own family’s plans for the holidays. So how did his vacation go? Does he constantly drive others as crazy as he did the van drivers? His curiosity about, well, everything, makes one just as curious about his life.

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