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5 Entertaining YouTube Vlogs You'll Be Glad You Watched

Whether you're a vlog fan or not, you'll probably find these five oddly entertaining.

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1. 1st Annual Dairy Races by Joey Gatto (DemiLeGatto)

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As the title (sort of) suggests, this vlog takes place in the dairy section of a grocery store. You'll be surprised at the entertainment he's able to provide in a grocery store. And isn't that the beauty of vlogging? Joey and his friends deliver creative insults, go "bushing," and give a superb impression of a guy who just lost his shoe.

2. Hardest Thing I've Ever Done by Drew Monson (mytoecold)

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If you think you're not particularly interested in watching or hearing about a young man’s desire to eat a Little Caesar’s pizza and the obstacles he faces while trying to obtain it, think again. The hilariously long-winded Drew Monson, whose username is mytoecold, takes us on this pizza adventure after explaining his every concern regarding said pizza. By the end of the vlog, you’ll certainly understand why this could actually be one of the hardest things he’s ever done.

3. Angry Matt: Liz's Portrait by wearestoopkid

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"Wearestoopkid" is a YouTube channel that was created by three familiar faces. Former Nickelodeon stars, Matt Bennett, Liz Gillies, and Ariana Grande haven’t uploaded a ton of videos to the channel (understandably) but they have given fans several gems, which can truly be enjoyed over and over again. One of the series on the channel is called, “Angry Matt,” which involves Matt Bennett playing a sensitive, childish, and very angry version of himself.

4. NEGLECTED by Kingsley

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Back in 2010, popular YouTuber, Kingsley simply set out to apologize to his viewers for his lack of videos. More specifically, he was trying to apologize for neglecting his viewers. However, once he utters the word, “neglected,” it reminds him of a certain annoying feature of The Sims, and he goes off on an amazing tangent. His sudden anger in this video is almost too much to handle when you remember that his original intention was to make a heartfelt apology.

5. Minesweeper by Tim Helbig (TimWillDestroyYou)

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This vlog by Tim Helbig, known on YouTube as, TimWillDestroyYou (you might also know him as YouTuber, Grace Helbig’s younger brother) has to be one of the most relatable videos ever made. Tim discusses an experience that anyone born before the year 2000 most likely shares. That is, the Minesweeper experience. He hilariously points out, that he often “played” Minesweeper, but never knew the numbers actually meant anything. Tim will have you wondering why you were satisfied with playing Minesweeper incorrectly as a child.

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