22 Tweets That Prove Chick-Fil-A Workers Are Too Pure For This F#%ked Up World


    1. Forget what you heard, Chick-Fil-A is the happiest place on Earth.

    Chickfila: "hi welcome to Chickfila it's a beautiful day it is 72° and you are blessed abundantly how may I help you" Mcdonalds: "go head"

    Twitter: @JHarv_41

    2. They skip the generic small talk.

    Via Twitter: @toxickilos

    3. And then they hit you with those two words that'll make your day every time.

    me: "thank you" chick-fil-a employee: "my pleasure" me:

    Via Twitter: @frvnciscolopez

    4. Suddenly, "you're welcome" just doesn't feel right anymore.

    Me: "thank you" Chick-Fil-A worker: "you're welcome" Me:

    Via Twitter: @bvorwerk

    5. You don't have to be afraid to ask them for extra sauce.

    me: can i get extra chick-fil-a sauce? chick-fil-a worker:

    FX / Via Twitter: @dewingthemost

    6. They make you feel like you can ask for just about anything.

    I honestly feel like if I asked for it, a Chick-fil-A employee would give me their literal soul and say "my pleasure"

    Via Twitter: @AmandaKnight96

    7. Their service is supreme.

    Chickfila will go through ANYTHING to give you good customer service. They got engineers in the back making new cus… https://t.co/YUoaKomF7u

    Via Twitter: @HerbMcDerb

    8. Really, their customer service follows you out of the building.


    Via Twitter: @HerbMcDerb

    9. Their smiles are permanent.

    Almost ran over a chick fil a worker and this guy decides to smile and gives me a thumbs up??!! The f/??

    Via Twitter: @triphamle

    10. They truly have your back.

    Today the Chick-Fil-A guy literally chased me outside to my car because he forgot my sauce and I was reminded that not all heroes wear capes

    Via Twitter: @AliLynnW

    11. They care about your well-being.

    Meg asked chick fil a to switch her lemonade to water bc she had a sore throat & the worker whipped out a COUGH DROP!!! holy f I'm impressed

    Via Twitter: @haileydanks

    12. They care about your dogs!

    Nothing makes me happier than Chick-fil-A giving my dog a treat 😍❤️😭😭😭

    Via Twitter: @dealkristen

    13. They're probably angels...

    A Chick-Fil-A worker just came up to us and asked if he could pray for my brother's arm that is in a brace, it was… https://t.co/mM2aQ14sz3

    Via Twitter: @faith_gwen

    14. ...or robots.

    Convinced chick Fil A employees are all robots. No way there are that many people so excited to refill my lemonade

    Via Twitter: @ImTheBossBro

    15. They'll make you feel safe.

    Why do I feel like every chick fil a worker would die for me

    Via Twitter: @_heyitskennedy_

    16. They go above and beyond their call of duty.

    Many, many thanks to manager Kevin Brok at Denver's @ChickfilA on Colfax for personally helping me change my flat t… https://t.co/bvb9oJErmN

    Via Twitter: @peytonmgarcia

    17. They aren't like us.

    Today at Chick Fil A I overheard a worker say that she "loves to clean the kid's play area" .....y'all truly are a different breed

    Via Twitter: @kara_coplen

    18. We don't deserve them.

    A Chick-fil-A worker wiped the sauce off my table with his bare hand. .I feel like they would take a bullet for me if I asked lol

    Via Twitter: @solomonO_

    19. They know just what to say.

    Chick fil a guy told me he believed in me 4 times when I checked out. Now I believe in me

    Via Twitter: @Catwelch

    20. They...love you?

    Just said thank you to the cashier at chick fil a and she legit responded with "I love you" this is customer service at it's finest

    Via Twitter: @TrentMan21

    21. There probably isn't much they won't do for you, the customer.

    chick fil a worker:hows it going,sir? "Bad.Found out my kidneys r failing" U need a transplant?What blood type r u?I'll check w/ my staff

    Via Twitter: @ZachSvobodny

    22. And they'll treat you right from open to close.

    Chick-Fil-A at closing : Its a GREAT night here at Chick-Fil-A. How may I serve you? Popeye's around closing:

    Via Twitter: @c_drew_

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