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    23 Tweets You'll Only Truly Appreciate If You Want Chip And Joanna Gaines To Adopt You

    *Books one-way flight to Waco*

    1. When you see your future.

    interviewer: what are your aspirations in life me: do you know know chip and joanna gaines

    2. When the inspiration hits.

    *watches one episode of Fixer Upper on HGTV* *drops out of college to pursue dream of flipping houses*

    3. When they know just what to say.

    "come and watch Fixer Upper with me"

    4. When a few Fixer Upper episodes turn you into a professional.

    Chip and Joanna have made me go from “this house is nice" to "well what I would do is remove this wall to make an open concept living room/kitchen, add shiplap to the back wall, revamp the fireplace,and add on a nice master suite where the third garage was connected to the house”

    5. When it's time for the big reveal...

    Chip and Joanna: Are you ready to see your fixer upper?! Me from my living room couch: YEEESSSSSSSS!

    6. ...and you can't miss it.

    my mom was just dead asleep, snoring but snapped awake when chip and joanna were about to show the new house on an episode of Fixer Upper

    7. When you know you can trust them with anything.

    chip and joanna gaines could try to sell me a literal dumpster and I’d be like “yeah ok I see your vision here. let’s do it”

    8. When the reruns come on and you have a drink in hand.

    Fixer Upper Drinking Game: Take a shot any time you hear French doors, shiplap, reclaimed wood, open concept and when Chip says "you guys's"

    9. When they never fail to impress.

    chip and joanna can tear a house down and rebuild it faster than the government can fix a pothole

    10. When you suddenly have to compete for your mother's love.

    I wish my mom loved me as much as she loves Chip and Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper 😂

    11. When you have to share every bit of news.

    Imagine a life where your girlfriend wakes you up at 1:00 AM to tell you that Chip and JoAnna Gains are expecting another child. It’s me...that’s my life...

    12. When it's no longer a show, but an event.

    when most people yell at the tv it’s while watching sports....for me.. it’s when a couple chooses the wrong home on Fixer Upper...

    13. When the homeowners aren't as excited as they should be.

    When the people at the end of Fixer Upper don’t break down in tears and or scream I’m just like ????? okay give me the house then lol

    14. When you start bailing on social commitments.

    parties are fun until it’s 2 in the morning and you realize you’re missing that rerun episode of fixer upper that you’ve seen four times

    15. When Fixer Upper makes your accomplishments seem inadequate in comparison.

    Just saw my dad cry for one of the few times in my life. Did that happen at my high school graduation or when I left for college? Nope. What did it take? An emotional episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

    16. When you want that kind of love.

    y’all i just hope someone looks at me someday the way joanna gaines looks at shiplap

    17. When the Gaines family grows and you still aren't in it.

    really inconsiderate of chip and joanna gaines to go ahead and get pregnant AGAIN when i'm LITERALLY RIGHT HERE and READY TO BE ADOPTED

    18. When you can't distinguish dream from reality.

    Sometimes I have to sit down and remind myself that Chip and Joanna Gaines are just my HGTV parents and not my real parents

    19. When your Fixer Upper obsession defies all reason...

    No, I do not own a house. Yes, I plan on buying almost everything from Chip and Joanna's collection at Target.

    20. ...and threatens to empty your bank account.

    “Oh fuck” — me very quietly as I spot the Chip and Joanna Gaines display right before I head for the Target exit.

    21. When you're grieving.

    Wife: Are you drinking?! Me: Chip and Joanna Gaines are quitting "Fixer Upper." Wife: Pour me one.

    22. When they make you feel like everything might be OK.

    As long as the Russians don't have anything on Chip and Joanna Gaines we're going to be okay.

    23. And when someone just doesn't "get it."

    what is the proper response when someone tells you they don’t watch Fixer Upper/don’t idolize Chip and Joanna

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