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    19 Times You Deserved The Academy Award For Best Actor

    And the Oscar should've gone to...

    1. When you saw that it was free:

    2. When you had zero intentions of hanging out:

    Apple Inc. / Via Twitter: @nikkiethelion

    3. On payday:

    E! Network / Via Twitter: @8_Semesters

    4. When your parents didn't hold back:

    5. When you're on the job:

    6. Taking tests you didn't study for:

    7. When report cards came out:

    8. When you tried your best to get what you wanted:

    9. And what you needed:

    10. In front of the squad:

    11. When food was calling your name:

    ITV / Via Twitter: @unilad

    12. With insensitive friends:

    13. During class:

    Joey Gatto / Via Twitter: @chanelpuke

    14. When you had to avoid certain people:

    15. At the gossip session:

    The CW / Via Twitter: @meghanchawla

    16. Putting off an argument:

    17. When you're in a financial crisis:

    18. When it's way past bedtime:

    19. And finally, the moment they found out:

    Disney / Via Twitter: @ArthurTbfh

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