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    19 People Who Hate Sparkling Water And Don't Care Who Knows It

    Sparkling water is just dishonest Sprite.


    La Croix taste like if you were drinking carbonated water and someone screamed out loud the name of a specific fruit in the other room


    Sparkling water is disappointing because you smell it and it's like MMMMM SUPER FRUITY and then you taste it and it's just angry water


    No offence but if you choose to drink sparkling water over still water then have fun rotting in hell !!


    la croix tastes like someone ate a fruit salad and then burped into your water bottle


    Your mum went through intense child labor just for you to grow up and like sparkling water loooool wowowowow


    why do people like sparkling water it tastes like what stubbing your toe feels like


    sparkling water is just dishonest sprite


    Imagine taking her restaurant then she gets sparkling water, you’ll have to cancel the date



    Sparkling water should be illegal instead of weed


    Imagine being in the desert and God appears with sparkling water, then you die.


    Just accidentally had a sip of my dads sparkling water thinking it was my lemonade, wouldnt wish that upon anyone, absolutely broken.


    conspiracy theory: the only reason the sparkling water business is still a business is because of people buying it accidentally because they think it is still water


    These kids in this store are talking about an apocalyptic future where all water is replaced with sparkling water Sounds awful


    The customer who I’ve fancied for over a year just came in and bought sparkling water so I’ve decided it’s over between us


    sitting here drinking sparkling water trying to figure out why someone used all their precious time on earth to invent this


    People who drink sparkling water pour milk before the cereal


    sparkling water doesn't deserve to be associated with regular water, accidentally drank some in 2012 & my tastebuds still haven't fully recovered


    It’s okay to be White. It’s okay to be Black. It’s okay to be Asian. It’s okay to be Hispanic. It’s okay to be Female. It’s okay to be Male. It’s okay to be Gay. It’s okay to be Straight. It’s okay to be YOU. But it's NEVER okay to like sparkling water.

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