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    17 Times Peppa Pig Was Just An Absolute Savage

    Don't let the sweet voice fool you.

    1. When she hung up the phone on her BFF, Suzy Sheep, simply because Suzy could whistle and Peppa could not.

    2. When she used every opportunity she could to diss Daddy Pig.

    3. Also, she made sure this was done in front of Grandma and Grandpa Pig. Please notice the pure humiliation on her father's face.

    4. When she just HAD to remind Daddy Pig on his birthday that he was old.

    5. When Daddy Pig accidentally put a crack in the wall, and she found a way to make an already bad situation worse.

    6. OK, I laughed at this one but she really didn't have to go that far.

    7. When she and Suzy were playing a nice game of cards and she immediately accused Suzy of cheating just because she lost two games in a row.

    8. Then...THEN, she called Suzy and gave her the worst apology I've ever heard.

    9. When Daddy Pig offered to go down the slide with George, Peppa's brother, and she had to embarrass him once front of everyone.

    10. And when he inevitably got stuck on the slide, everyone laughed, and Peppa just couldn't WAIT to tell him how dumb he looked.

    11. When she saw the opportunity to remind Grandpa Pig that he was old. You know, just in case he didn't ALREADY KNOW THAT, being a Grandpa and all.

    12. When Daddy Pig was so excited to be Peppa's partner in the race, and she straight-up told him he sucks at running.

    13. When she actually tried to sell George's favorite toy in the world at the jumble sale just so she wouldn't have to sell any of her own toys.

    14. When she caused herself and Suzy to lose the big race because she needed to brag about her skills seconds before the race began and then blamed it on Suzy?!?!

    15. When poor Daddy Pig just wanted to have a nice pool day and she decided it would be the perfect time to roast him yet again.

    16. When she couldn't bear to listen her Dad and Uncle's conversation because it wasn't interesting enough for her.

    17. Finally, when she was having a nice, fun little snowball fight and took it too far by throwing a snowball that was almost bigger than George himself.

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