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    Just 30 Winter Tops That Are So Cozy, Your Legs Will Be Jealous

    These comfy tops will give you allll the (soft) feels.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. A bestselling J.Crew roll-neck sweater that's like a turtleneck's more casual cousin. And that ribbing pattern! 😍

    2. A button-down ribbed cardigan, which seriously looks way more luxe than its reasonable price tag would have you believe. For the complete head to toe cozy look, there are also the cutest matching knit shorts and a sweater tank!

    3. A dancing skeleton sweatshirt to help keep your spirits high, even when it's pitch black at 5 p.m.

    Model wearing skeleton sweatshirt

    4. A vintage-inspired V-neck with billowy sleeves and pleated shoulders for any hopeless romantic who feels nostalgic for a bygone era they never actually experienced.

    5. A fitted turtleneck, because we all need that timeless piece that perfectly straddles the line between cozy and "professional enough to wear on a Zoom call."

    6. A color-blocked cashmere beauty to help liven up that 94% black wardrobe you've had in rotation since October.

    7. A striped pullover that's so cute, even people who "don't do" stripes will have a change of heart (can we also talk about that A+ slouch factor?).

    8. An oversized merino wool cardigan you'll want to hide from your roommates/siblings/significant others — basically anyone who enters your home and likes nice things. It's definitely splurgy, but it is handmade and SO gorgeous.

    9. A sturdy Carhartt hoodie for lounging, running errands, or just living your best comfy and casual life in.

    10. A mock-neck pullover with a gorgeous stitched V detail that'll set it apart from every other sweater in your closet.

    11. A super-popular turtleneck dress you could totally pair with leggings or even jeans when the weather outside is just too frightful (though it would also look great with thigh-high boots on milder days!). Oversized comfort at its coziest.

    12. An oversized cat pullover any feline fan will find endlessly amusing. Just so, so fun.

    13. A waffle-knit Henley that's warm enough for layering but lightweight enough to wear pretty much year-round. An all-season staple, if you will.

    14. A cropped turtleneck for anyone who is adamantly against having to tuck shirts in and adamantly for all things cute and cozy.

    The white cropped turtleneck next to a white purse

    15. Or, a cropped turtleneck with gorgeous side (!) buttons and flowy drop sleeves if effortless sophistication is what you're going for.

    16. An adorable dinosaur sweatshirt so you can tell the world how you really feel (in the most endearing and comfy way).

    The black sweatshirt printed with a dinosaur and text: literally dead

    17. A long-sleeved tee that was designed to be worn under scrubs, but that anyone would be wise to stock up on this season as a go-to layering piece.

    18. An ultra-chunky oversized turtleneck to kick your wardrobe into cozy overdrive. IMO the perfect cute but casual sweater for a cold-weather stroll through town, hot beverage in hand.

    19. A fluffy fleece pullover that'll straight up make you feel like you're wearing a blanket, whether you're inside or braving the elements.

    20. An ultra-classy houndstooth pullover you can throw on whenever you want to look put together without sacrificing comfort.

    Model wearing the houndstooth sweater

    21. A flowy V-neck tunic that's the closest thing to wearing a dress without having to deal with tights. Reviewers also say it's long enough to wear with leggings!

    Reviewer wearing the red tunic while smelling a rose

    22. A perfectly chunky oversized turtleneck for whenever you're craving a warm hug but don't want to deal with, you know, people.

    23. A gorgeous flamingo sweater made of 100% baby alpaca (so soft!) that'll remind you of sunset walks on the beach even in the dead of winter.

    24. A chunky cable-knit cardigan to snuggle up with during your next streaming binge. The cutest "grandpa sweater" we ever did see!

    25. A plaid button-down shacket for those rare but welcome days when it's warm enough to leave your puffer coat at home.

    26. A cozy, mock turtleneck sweater that's giving us BSE (Big Slouch Energy).

    27. An asymmetric-hem turtleneck you can wear loose or half-tucked, depending on your mood (it has over 13,000 5-star reviews!).

    28. A cropped flannel button-down for a more modern take on the classic (of which you probably already have dozens).

    29. A textured button-back sweater that's all business in the front and party in the back (but, like, in a refined way!).

    30. A fuzzy hooded cardigan for those days when you just want to hibernate under something warm and soft. Something tells me you'll be *living* in this until spring.

    Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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