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    30 Vintage-Inspired Pieces Of Clothing For Anyone Who Appreciates A Good Throwback Look

    Ye olde wardrobe is about to get an upgrade.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. A *stunning* '50s-style dress with allll the right details: three-quarter sleeves, buttons down the front, and a sweet little bow at the base of the V-neckline. But best of all? It's completely customizable to ensure it fits like a glove.

    2. An adorable cherry-embroidered cardigan that'll make you wish your town had an old school malt shop you could wear it to. 🍒

    3. Hip-hugging bell bottoms with a glorious elastic waist for all of that '60s "flare," only more comfortable.

    4. Or, a pair of bootcut jeans, which would basically be the middle section if you drew a Venn diagram showing the overlap between '60s and '90s fashion ('90s kids know!). If you prefer something a little more subtle than a full-on bell bottom, this is it.

    5. A classic plaid wool skirt for anyone who regularly daydreams about living in a pre-internet era (or at least dressing the part). It perfectly straddles the line between old and new, with a 1950s silhouette and more modern, asymmetrical pleats.

    6. A faux leather jacket to throw over your sweater and poodle skirt so you'll feel like you're straight out of Rydell High. It also comes in *so* many colors!

    reviewer wearing the back jacket

    7. A puff-sleeved peasant blouse with a smocked bodice, because is there a more vintage-sounding phrase than "smocked bodice?" I think not. Also, it's just v v pretty.

    8. A sleek tie-neck number for anyone who watched Mad Men solely to see what Joan would be wearing (raises hand). Just so elegant.

    9. Or, if you prefer a good Betty Draper fashion moment, a flirty polka-dotted button-down dress that'll just tickle you pink.

    10. A Victorian-style puffed-sleeve blouse from a shop literally called Little Women Atelier, so you know it's legit. This puff-sleeved beauty is inspired by Meg, so go on and live out your eldest March sister dreams.

    11. A flashy, '80s-esque button-down that's essentially a party in clothing form. I'm pretty sure it's impossible for anyone to feel anything short of jubilant while wearing this fabulous top, so if you're looking for a pick-me-up, consider this my gift to you.

    12. A pair of Everlane's popular '90s cheeky jeans for a classic high-rise, straight-leg look worthy of both Thelma and Louise.

    13. A beautiful turn of the century-inspired button-down that'll remind you of Mary Poppins, not only because it resembles the type of blouse she wore, but because it's practically perfect in every way. ☂️

    14. Some groovy '70s-style floral flares you can wear to your next disco or, you know, anywhere, because they're too cute to save for a special occasion. And, if you're short like me, these pants were designed for people 5'3 and under!

    15. A super-fun top that combines the best of all things '80s fashion — mesh and puffy sleeves — resulting in a look that's actually quite lovely! I'm pretty sure "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" magically starts playing whenever someone puts it on.

    16. An immaculately tailored pencil dress with cap sleeves to pair with your favorite '50s pumps and gloves. Now all you need is a refurbished T-Bird to lean on 🏁

    17. A fabulous jumpsuit that's giving off major retro vibes in the best possible way. I'm talking "dinner party host passing around cocktail weenies while everyone sips whiskey sours" energy, and I'm here for it.

    18. A sweet swing dress to bring out your inner Lucy, because goofballs in dresses are heroes among us.

    Reviewer wearing the pink dress

    19. A striped ribbed sweater dress that'll transport you right back to the '90s (RIP to my beloved Delia's catalogs that basically featured a million versions of this dress).

    20. A totally '80s off-the-shoulder sweatshirt with A+ slouch factor — and I'm pretty sure Rainbow Brite herself would give that neon yellow color her stamp of approval.

    model wearing the yellow off the shoulder sweatshirt

    21. A vibrant one-piece tracksuit that won't only make you smile, it'll brighten up everyone's day who sees you in it. Many reviewers said they bought this to wear to '80s and '90s throwback parties, but life is short, so throw it on whenever your mood could use a boost!

    22. A very That '70s Show striped top for any '90s kid who considered Mila Kunis their style icon.

    23. A tried and true pair of high-rise Levi's that have a relaxed, vintage vibe, but still feel very much of the moment. Plus, they're made of 100% organically grown cotton, which never goes out of style.

    24. A retro pleated A-line skirt for any cool cat who thinks drive-ins are peachy keen and saddle shoes are just swell. Rama-lama-lama!

    25. A delicate lace-back midi dress that looks like it's straight out of Romeo and Juliet, minus the tragic part. If you love a poofy sleeve and a swishy skirt, this was made for you.

    26. An impossibly darling tulle skirt with glittery strawberries (!) all over it to keep you looking positively tutti-fruity 🍓

    27. A very '60s flower power exercise skort you're bound to get compliments on every time you wear it — those colors!

    28. A mod pencil dress that's equal parts preppy and fun, and feels more current with its long sleeve/short skirt design.

    29. A playful pleated polka-dotted midi skirt (say that five times fast) resembling a more modern version of something you would've worn to the local sock-hop.