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    Just 30 Things That'll Stop You From Panicking Every Time Someone Unexpectedly Stops By To Visit

    Even with the least amount of notice, you can still be the host with the most.

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    1. A sweet little welcome mat that'll bring a smile to your guests' faces before they even step through the door. No one has to know you're inside frantically dusting off every surface in sight.

    "Yay It's You" welcome mat in front of a door

    2. And to help with that panic-mode cleaning, some Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day multi-surface cleaning spray, which is even safe to use on hardwood floors.

    Reviewer photo of the three-pack of multi-surface cleaner

    3. An otherworldly room spray to spritz in every corner of your home to detract from the fact that the quick once-over you just gave it was the first cleaning it's had in...a bit. And yes, you have our permission to tell your guests your place "always smells like this."

    Four bottles of the room and linen spray in different scents

    4. An apple pie–scented candle, because even if you didn't have time to bake something from scratch for your guests, your home can still smell like a warm, welcoming dessert that greets them when they arrive.

    5. A comfy, high-backed rocker so you can literally tell your houseguests to "pull up a chair."

    The brown rocking chair in a living room

    6. A portable fireplace that'll let your guests make themselves comfy by the fire, even if you don't have a full-size hearth. Plus, you can get out the graham crackers and marshmallows for an indoor s'mores party when dessert time rolls around.

    7. A set of "Be Our Guest" hand towels, because even your bathroom should feel welcoming. Just remind your visitors that the west wing is forbidden.

    8. Some "cheeky" wall art that'll let guests know to make their buns right at home in your bathroom, even if in a perfect world you would have preferred, you know, receiving ANY notice that they were coming.

    A framed print that shows a row of dogs' backsides with text: "all buns welcome"

    9. A mini bar cart so you can pour some drinks for the group (and let's face it, you could use one yourself after that cleaning sprint).

    10. Some stemless wineglasses to give your guests a little more stability when they start making their way over to your new white couch with their drinks.

    11. And, a red wine stain remover that'll ease any apprehensions you might have about hosting people at your place once you see how miraculous it is. Now if only they made one for teeth...

    12. A pack of funky fruit coasters to keep your furniture protected throughout your guests' stay — provided they remember to use them (you have our permission to be the coaster enforcer).

    A glass sitting on one of the fruit coasters, surrounded by others

    13. A charcuterie board set that'll have everyone coming back to your place next week just for the snacks. Lucky you!

    14. A assortment of sparkling mixers to have on hand juuust in case your guests decide they want to stay for a nightcap. Use them to mix up a cocktail or enjoy on their own!

    All five flavors of the sparkling mixers

    15. A portable Bluetooth speaker that'll fill your home with pro-sounding music to help set the evening's tone. And don't forget — nothing sends the message that you're ready for bed as reliably as Semisonic's "Closing Time."

    A reviewer's black speaker

    16. A Brilliant Or BS? trivia game to bust out as an easygoing icebreaker. To play, everyone takes turns reading trivia questions off of cards, and the other players secretly answer while trying to convince the reader that they know the correct answer. The reader then tries to guess which of the other players actually know the answers or are just bluffing. It's essentially the perfect game for anyone with a competitive side who doesn't want to commit to a four-hour-long Monopoly sesh.

    17. And, some Amish Country popcorn kernels, because you know that after a few rounds of the game (and a few drinks) your guests will suddenly decide it's movie night — although, shouldn't literally everyone have access to freshly popped popcorn 24/7 anyway?

    18. A ceramic oil diffuser that'll make your home smell so good, everyone might just need a moment to stop what they're doing and inhale. Plus, it'll make you look like a *real* adult who cares about how their home smells.

    19. A super-soft faux-fur throw blanket your guests can wrap themselves in on the couch and take right with them to bed for a cozy night's sleep.

    20. A glowing mushroom night-light to gently illuminate your guest bathroom, because if there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that no one should have to turn on the overhead light when they get up to pee at 2 a.m., amirite?

    The mushroom nightlight lit up in a dark room

    21. A toothpaste dispenser so you and your guests won't have to worry about any tube contamination. It comes with an adhesive strip to stick to the wall, no tricky or time-consuming installation required. Plus, it's fun to use!

    22. And, a set of spare Colgate toothbrushes, because if there's anything your guests forget, you know it's gonna be one of these, and no one above the age of 13 should have to resort to that weird toothpaste-on-finger alternative.

    Reviewer photo of the pack of toothbrushes on a counter, with one toothbrush in a toothbrush holder

    23. An extra set of towels to keep on hand strictly for guests so you don't have to throw a last-minute load of laundry into the wash every time you hear a car pulling in. This set comes with two pairs of bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths, and leaving them on your guests' bed will truly make them believe you have your life together.

    24. Some plush pillows so they'll feel like they're sleeping in a swanky hotel, even if they're actually on an inflatable mattress in your living room.

    The set of four pillows on a bed

    25. And speaking of which, a comfy air bed that just might rival your fancy memory foam mattress. It has inner-coil beams and a quilted top to make it feel like a real bed, but the best part is, it inflates in just two minutes without you having to pump anything (just plug it into an outlet!).

    26. A sleek serving tray to serve your guests breakfast in bed, even if you still haven't totally forgiven them for showing up unannounced.

    27. A variety of Starbucks flavored coffees you can treat guests (and yourself) to the morning after a *wild* night of gossip, games, and snacks. This pack comes with vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut flavored ground coffees, aka your kitchen will smell like a dessert-filled dream.

    The three flavors of Starbucks coffees in their packaging

    28. And, a cute lil' Cuisinart coffee maker to brew up a fresh pot that's ready for your guests when they finally saunter out of bed. And even if you're not a coffee drinker, this compact machine weighs just over 3 pounds and takes up less than a square foot of counter space.

    29. Or, an assortment of Bigelow teas you can offer overnight guests who prefer to ease into their caffeine intake in the a.m.

    The six assorted packets of tea

    30. And, perhaps most importantly, a ceramic chalkboard mug for your visitors to write their names on so there's no confusion about what they should drink their morning beverage of choice out of (aka they're not getting YOUR favorite mug).

    Reviewer photo of the chalkboard mug on a breakfast table with the words "Hi Piper" written on it

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