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    53 Super Effective Products That'll Have You Going, "What Sorcery Is This"

    🎶 Do you believe in magic 🎶

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Korean microdermabrasion mitt you can use in the shower when you wanna buff away dry, dead skin (but feel like you're getting a spa treatment). The exfoliation comes from a skin-smoothing viscose fiber lining, and once it's cleared away all the flaky stuff, your skin will have an easier time absorbing lotions and creams. If you love a gross-yet-satisfying moment, this is for you.

    reviewer's leg next to the black mitt, both of which are covered in dead skin that was rubbed off by the mitt
    reviewer's hand in the black mitt, which is covered in dead skin

    Promising review: "I love these mitts so much, I wish I found them sooner! For me, brushes and loofas don’t give me enough exfoliation and they fall apart and get gross too fast. These mitts are perfect. Also, they are way more cost effective and easier to use than a sugar scrub type product. I feel like these mitts will last a long time, and they’re easy to clean and have a loop so you can hang them to dry in your shower. I keep one at my place and one at my boyfriend's. They are a little rough so it’s not something you want to use more than twice per week, and use gentle motions in sensitive areas. My skin is so smooth after I use these and it’s helped me get rid of ingrown hairs on my bikini line. Just make sure to moisturize after using! I’m excited to use it for when I apply fake tan in the summer months." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99 (also available as a pair). 

    2. A 100 percent natural oven scrub made of pumice that'll cut through tough stains just as well as chemical cleaners, aka no unpleasant odors to see (smell?) here. In fact, reviewers say the slightly minty scent is actually a treat for the nose!

    gif of someone applying the cleaner to a dirty oven door, then wiping away the stains
    the jar of oven scrub next to a metallic scrubber
    Everneat / Etsy

    It also comes with a metallic scrubber!

    Everneat is a small Etsy shop based in Fairfield, Connecticut that specializes in natural cleaning products.

    Promising review: "Love everything about this! Love the scent and the clean it provides! We could not get our oven window clean with any previous product — this did it in seconds :)" —Elizabeth Rowe

    Promising review: "This stuff is MAGIC! One application and it took 15 years of yuck off my oven that refused to come off with other oven cleaners! The product does most of the work so you really don’t have to scrub for hours. Highly recommend this stuff!" —Traci Hutchinson

    Get it from Everneat on Etsy for $19.99 (available in three scents).

    3. A super popular pet hair remover you can use on furniture, bedding, clothes, or anything where shedding tends to accumulate. Best of all? It's totally reusable and doesn't require any annoying sticky film, making it eco-friendly!

    Reviewer photo of a black pillow covered in white dog hair and you can clearly see which side they brushed with the fur remover because all the dog hair is gone in that section
    reviewer photo of the pet hair remover filled with hair

    Promising review: "This thing is magical and I wish I had found it sooner. Even the most stubborn of dog hairs that have been seemingly woven into the fabric of your couch are no match for the ChomChom. The satisfying click of the roller will have you ChomChom-ing every surface you possibly can, while your dog looks at you in cold betrayal for removing his precious fur deposits. He plots revenge against this new nemesis, revenge that is doomed to fail from the start, because the ChomChom is far too powerful. Meanwhile, you are transfixed by the serotonin rush filling your brain as your ChomChom fills with more and more hair, leaving a path of de-furred sofa in its wake. The dog barks in disapproval. You smile, finally sitting on fur-free furniture for the first time in a long time. Maybe you’ll even have friends over now." —Will

    Get it from Amazon for $27.95.

    4. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets, because how clean could your dishes really be if your dishwasher itself is a mess? Their subtle, crisp scent is a welcome change from those rancid odors that often creep up over time with dishwasher use, and in terms of your dishwasher's appearance, I think the photos speak for themselves. 

    A dirty dishwasher with brown stains on the bottom
    The same dishwasher, which is now stain-free after using the tablets

    Just pop them into the tray where you'd normally put detergent (or on the bottom of your dishwasher if you're washing dishes at the same time), and run as usual!

    Promising review: "This was simple to use, smelled good, and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the dishwasher after the recommended cleaning cycle. This product actually did what it advertises that it will do! Great results, fairly economical — and by the way — it works!" —Old Southern Charm

    Promising review: "Just get them. Changed the way my 20-year-old dishwasher works. Much cleaner dishes and the interior is like new. First time you use it, run it empty with just the cleaner. I didn't realize how much mold and ickiness it got out of my machine." —drpicard

    Get a pack of six tablets from Amazon for $8.99.

    5. And on a similar note, some washing machine cleaning tablets for extra assurance that your linens aren't mingling with odor-causing residue while they're being "cleaned." Simply place one tablet in your empty washing machine and run a normal wash cycle — easy breezy!

    models hand dropping 1/4c-ish size tablet into washer

    They're safe to use with pretty much any type of washer: HE or regular, top-loading and front-loading.

    Promising review: "I have been using bleach to clean my machine for some time, but decided to give this a try a few months ago. My very first clean with Affresh left me surprised and delighted for not only did it clean my machine, it eliminated the nasty smell that always transferred to my clothes thanks to a build up of mold I didn't even know about. Every month now, I toss a tablet into the drum and let it work its magic. Now, my machine is cleaner than ever, and my clothes always smell wonderfully fresh." —Kelli Crawford

    Get a pack of six from Amazon for $11.98.

    6. A bottle of truly iconic Bio-Oil you might be familiar with because of its scar and stretch mark-fading properties, but it can also take your skin from borderline scaly to oh-so-soft after just one application. It's formulated with vitamins A and E, along with chamomile, sunflower, and lavender oils, which provide much-needed hydration without clogging pores or making skin feel greasy (the worst!).

    reviewer before and after photos showing their leg covered in mosquito bite scars, and then looking much clearer a few months later
    A model rubbing bio-oil on their hands

    Promising review: "After just about three weeks of use I’ve seen such a positive change in both the evenness and texture of my skin. Melasma and acne scarring have faded pretty dramatically — I don’t even bother putting on foundation when I do my makeup in the morning. The oil is so lightweight and doesn’t exacerbate my already oily complexion." —L T C

    Get it from Amazon for $8.92+ (available in three sizes and several bundle packs).

    7. A fan-favorite carpet cleaner that'll help you keep your cool the next time the dog/kid/S.O. makes a mess on that white rug you insisted on getting. Don't worry, it'll make stains and regret vanish!

    Cream carpet with large and dark brown chocolate milk stain on it
    The same carpet with the chocolate milk stain totally removed

    Promising review: "This stuff is AMAZING. We have a 1.5-year-old puppy and have make several futile attempts to clean up carpet stains from her potty training days. Another dog owner clued us into this, and we cannot believe we didn't buy it sooner. Seriously, the same night this arrived, I spilled an entire bottle of beer on white carpet (oops), grabbed the Folex, sprayed a bunch onto the stain, massaged it into the carpet with my finger tips, and blotted with a damp towel. You can't see ANY remnant of a stain. I've also attacked old stains (like one-plus year old) and saw the same results. Seriously, buy this!!!" —AKM

    Get it from Amazon for $12.97.

    8. Or! A pack of stain-removing pads to keep you from crying every time your beloved pup decides your new carpet is the best place to pee. They work on wet and dry stains, and all you have to do is plop 'em down, stomp, and let the magic happen. No more scrubbing!

    reviewer photo of a stain on a beige carpet
    same reviewer's photo showing a clear rectangle surrounded by the stain to demonstrate how well the pad worked during a spot test

    They're also great for things like wine, mud, coffee, blood, and juice.

    Promising review: "WOW! Honestly, I was a little skeptical of the promise of these pads, but I bought them just to try out. THEY WORKED AMAZINGLY WELL! Seriously. I have some stains that are 1.5–2 years old. I've tried everything to get them out. I put these pads on the stains (two to cover the spot), let sit for about an hour, pulled them up, and the stain was gone. I truly couldn't believe it. The pad was yellow. Somehow the old urine was soaked up into the pad. My carpet looks like new. I couldn't recommend these any higher for what I wanted and what I got. Wish I could give this more than five stars." —Matt

    Get a pack of 20 from Amazon for $27.48.

    9. A two-pack of that *iconic* cleaner, The Pink Stuff, because once you realize how much stain-lifting power this unassuming paste has, you'll be happy you bought in bulk. Not only does it get stains out, it does so quickly and with minimal effort on your part.

    a stained sheet tray with text: hopeless
    the same sheet tray with one corner looking much cleaner after being scrubbed with the pink stuff, with text: ...or not!
    britt holding a tub of the pink stuff
    Britt Ross / BuzzFeed

    After seeing countless videos on cleaning TikTok that raved about The Pink Stuff, I knew I had to try it out on my stained, grime-coated sheet tray. I mean, if it could make a dent in that, I'd probably believe in magic. Well, I started scrubbing one corner as a test, and lo and behold, the difference was nothing short of DRAMATIC (check out the photos for proof!). And I didn't even have to scrub very hard, though as someone with ~minimal~ upper body strength, I doubt any force I could physically apply would even constitute as heavy scrubbing. At any rate, it worked so well that I tried it on a pair of dirty tennis shoes and a blue stain that had been singed onto my toaster oven for months, and, yup, it worked. I will say, if you want your sheet trays to look brand spankin' new, you might need one of those cleaning scraper tools to get every last bit off, but as far as general stain removal goes, consider me a FAN. 

    Promising review: "The stuff cleans anything. I had an old outdoor lounge chair that had been sitting outside for years. It had so much buildup on it I was sure I would have to just throw it away. We tried everything, and the Pink Stuff was the only thing that worked. It looks brand new! I also use this on my oven and my shower. It does take a little elbow grease but the result is always beautiful." —~MJ~

    Get a two-pack from Amazon for $14.99.

    10. A nonstick microwave pasta cooker for nights when you want spaghetti for dinner but the thought of waiting for water to boil seems like cruel and unusual punishment. Pop it in for 12-13 minutes, and ta-da!

    A reviewer photo of uncooked pasta and water in the clear, plastic microwave pasta cooker
    A photo from the same reviewer of cooked pasta and water in the clear, plastic microwave pasta cooker

    Promising review: "I love pasta, but I hate *making* pasta. Too many pots, pans, strainer, cleanup, etc. Forget it. And after a long day at work when I am craving pasta, all I want to do is eat right away. This pasta cooker cooked pasta better than I have ever cooked pasta in my life. I am Italian, so as you can imagine I have eaten (and made myself) a LOT of pasta. This product is a game changer. It was extremely easy to use, cooked quickly, and it came out PERFECTLY. Not over cooked, a little al dente, but not firm. Perfection. Now I have no excuse not to cook pasta for myself (and my husband) practically every day. BUY THIS. It will change your life." —Hope Lanza

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    11. Tower 28's SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray, which anyone who experiences redness and irritation should include in their skincare regimen. It's a pH-balancing hypochlorous acid toner, meaning it'll calm and nourish sensitive skin, and reviewers say the light mist made them feel refreshed, not greasy. 

    before and afters showing a model with acne scarring, and then a photo of their skin looking much more clear
    model holding the red travel and regular sized spray bottles next to their face

    Tower 28 is a small biz whose founder, Amy Liu, has struggled with eczema for years. The brand specializes in products for sensitive skin, and everything is also vegan and cruelty-free.

    Promising review: "This product is a life saver. I haven't had any major breakouts since using this facial spray. Whenever I feel my skin getting irritated, I just spray this on to help heal/soothe it. This product lessened the redness on my face and helped improve the overall texture/appearance of my skin. Also started using this on my mom two days ago and we've noticed a lot of the red texture on her skin fading out. Love this and will continue repurchasing!!" —MargaritaYanga

    Promising review: "I struggle with acne and needed something to help calm and soothe my skin when it was really irritated. My skin tends to be dry right after cleaning and spraying this leaves my skin feeling so comfortable and like I haven’t done anything to it. Back to normal happy skin feel. It is part of my daily routine now. Absolutely love this!" —CliftonM2121

    Get it from Sephora for $12+ (available in two sizes). 

    12. Or, a few bottles of suuuper popular Thayers Facial Toner that can help reduce redness (yes please), brighten up dull skin, and tone down inflammation with its witch hazel and aloe vera formula. Plus, it's alcohol-free!

    A series of customer review photos showing the results from using the Thayers Witch Hazel Facial Toner
    A customer review photo of a bottle of the Thayers Witch Hazel Facial Toner

    Check out our full review of Thayer's Witch Hazel Facial Toner.

    Promising review: "My friend recommended this to me, and I can say it is by far the best toner I've ever come across on the skincare market. In just a week, I see a huge improvement on my overall skin tone, but it especially is helping my cheek area where I have some residual acne scarring and light redness. It's hard to find an affordable toner with no alcohol, and this one exceeded all my expectations. I will definitely be re-ordering when I get close to empty!" —shelby

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $28.81

    13. A dryer vent cleaner attachment so you won't have to worry about extra lint buildup becoming a potential fire hazard. You probably didn't even know this existed (but you'll be glad/horrified you discovered it once you see how much filth it sucks up).

    Reviewer using the dryer vent cleaner
    Reviewer photo of sock and lint sucked out of the dryer with the vent cleaner

    This adapter is compatible with most vacuum cleaner pipes, so all you have to do is attach it to your vacuum and guide it around your dryer to suck up excess and hard-to-reach lint. Too much lint build-up not only slows down the drying process, it's also a fire hazard, so this handy device can actually be considered a safety tool!

    Promising review: "Yes, we had a sock in our dryer vent!! This past summer, the lint trap broke on our dryer. Our kids ran the dryer regardless! What a disaster. Received my vacuum kit today, and now my clothes are dry! I sucked up the sock, as well as a piece of lint roller tape. Great product!" —Laurel Enoch

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in three colors). 

    14. A microplane foot file with serious smoothing power you'll want if your dry, cracked feet aren't quite ready for primetime (aka sandal season). You'll be amazed by how much dead skin it removes, even after the first use, and your super smooth heels will thank you!

    A customer review before-and-after photo of their cracked heel and then soft and smooth heel
    A customer review photo of the foot file filled with dead skin after being used
    A customer review photo of them holding a clump of dead skin in their hand

    Promising review: "I have purchased every callous cream on the market and it has been a waste of time and money. This simple device is a miracle worker. The callous on my big toe is very, very hard and the nearby callous along the side of the foot , while not as large and hard, is also difficult. I have used this device three days in a row, taking off a little at a time and not applying pressure. I apply lotion before and after using it and both areas show substantial improvement. It is important that you do not rush this process. Just a little at a time. Remember how long it took for that callous to form! Because I have been gentle and careful I have no pain. Cleaning is simple. I wholeheartedly recommend!" —desertdragonfly

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    15. And, a pack of exfoliating foot masks you can wear with your legs propped up as you binge your favorite series. Your jaw will drop when you see how much these transform your feet — flip-flops, here we come. 

    A customer review photo of their feet covered in dead skin
    A customer review photo of their feet after the dead skin has come off

    With these foot mask "socks," you just cut out holes to stick your feet into, leave them on for an hour to let the gel soak into your feet, and you should start to see the dead skin peel away within seven days (with remarkably softer feet in two weeks!). 

    Promising review: "This product does what it claims to do. The softness of my feet, particularly my heels, improved greatly after one application. I'm currently peeling away the fruits of application two and learned that my heels and balls of my feet had thicker layers of dead skin than I thought. My feet feel and look great under all that dead skin so I'm very pleased with this product." —IWantMyChinaPig

    Get a box of two pairs from Amazon for $16.95.

    16. A pack of foaming garbage disposal cleaner that'll replace lingering smells — you know, the ones that always make you think, Wow, should I be cleaning my garbage disposal? — with a bright, lemony scent. Plus, watching it bubble up is pretty fun!

    Promising review: "Glisten is great and easy to use. I don’t like products that are complicated and have numerous steps to them. Glisten is easy, does the job, and smells good. No more smelly drains. Just drop it in the drain with a steady stream of water and the disposal on, and that’s it. A bubbly freshness cleans the’s that easy." —Helen Lanning

    Promising review: "Performs exactly as describes. Have two kitchen sinks that had odors. Tried in both and both no longer have a smell. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to clean their kitchen drains." —DPK

    Get a two-pack (good for eight uses) from Amazon for $9.30.

    17. An ingrown toenail treatment, which acts like a mini brace for your nail! It helps correct the nail's curve by eliminating pressure from the sides, and as you can see from the photos, the results are truly remarkable. 

    A customer review photo showing their toe before, during, and after using the treatment
    reviewer photo of their overly curved toenail next to a photo of the same toenail looking much straighter after one week

    Promising review: "I have been struggling with a big toe ingrown toenail for over 10 years. Every once in a while I have to cut my nail out of the skin — it hurts. This product is so simple to use and it makes sense — a rigid plastic “brace” that goes across your nail to help it grow in a flatter fashion than digging into your skin. And...IT WORKS!!! Seriously wanted to go get surgery on this toe but using this product saved me from that. My nail is flatter and growing normally. I have told all my friends about this. Oh ya also — it’s less conspicuous than a big brace or something that needs to be cranked. It’s just a piece of rigid plastic glued to the sides of your nail to gently bring it to normal position. If you are having issues try this!" —emcincygirl

    Get a pack of 10 transparent braces from Amazon for $44.99.

    18. A pack of hydrocolloid acne patches to spot-treat those pesky skin eruptions that always seem to pop up at the most inconvenient times. Leave them on overnight, and in the morning you'll be rewarded with a patch full of white residue (aka pimple gunk).

    Promising review: "These little patches are amazing. I like to put one on a zit that hasn't risen to the surface yet, leave it on overnight, and take it off in the morning. When I do, almost all (if not all) of the stuff that was inside my face has been extracted, resulting in an almost completely healed blemish with no redness or scabbing. I can genuinely say that the appearance of the skin on my face has improved since I purchased these patches!" —Gina

    Get a pack of 40 patches from Amazon for $8.49.

    19. A pack of disposable Houseplant Sticky Stakes for keeping pesky buggies off of your precious houseplants! Stick 'em into the soil and try staying calm when you realize just how many insects are in your home. 😬

    Promising review: "Holy cow these suckers work! I'm so grossed out by the result, but at the same time, I have a sick sense of satisfaction. I used these in my house plants that are breeding fungus gnats like crazy. I used them in conjunction with beneficial nematodes, and they definitely cut down on the number of gnats in our house. I'm buying another package of sticky traps as soon as I finish this review!" —Megan

    Get a pack of seven traps from Amazon for $6.93.

    20. A pack of eye masks filled with collagen, vitamin E, and green tea extract to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles. Pop 'em on the next time you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through TikTok, and in 15–20 minutes you'll be on your way to more refreshed-looking peepers. 

    Promising review: "I have terrible insomnia so I keep these in the fridge to get rid of the eye bags and puffiness from lack of sleep on those rough mornings. I put them on my eyelids and under my eyes. The coolness helps soothe and afterwards I look human again! I’ve noticed that just using them once or twice a week has made a noticeable improvement to the skin around my eyes, not to mention the cool soothing collagen just feels really good. Can’t believe how cheap these little miracle workers are." —MsAlamedaMom

    Get a pack of 60 from Amazon for $4.59.

    21. A bleach-free, no-scrub weekly shower spray you simply — as the name says — "wet and forget." Just spray it on, let it sit overnight, and wipe it off the next day for a stain-free shower — no intense arm exercise required.

    reviewer before photo showing a very dirty shower floor
    same reviewer's after photo showing the shower floor looking much cleaner

    Promising review: "We cannot BEGIN to tell you what a lifesaver this is! We have two old fiberglass tubs with vinyl shower enclosures that no matter what amount of scrubbing we have done with everything from bleach to cleanser to vinegar and baking soda would NOT come clean. After I took my shower last night, I sprayed down the tub and walls. Within minutes, all the built-up water deposits and dirt and grime began to melt away in front of my eyes. I left it on overnight, and when I got up this morning, it did not look like the same tub and shower. This product is a godsend, especially for old folks like us who have difficulty getting down on our hands and knees and scrubbing anything. More importantly, it performs as advertised. We plan on using it as part of our weekly cleanup routine, in addition to purchasing the Wet and Forget Mold and Mildew Remover for use on the vinyl siding of our house. This is truly an overnight sensation!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $19.74.

    22. A bottle of highly-rated Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo, because we already have enough flakes to deal with in our social lives alone. This stuff's formulated with ketoconazole, which delivers welcome relief to dry, itchy scalps.

    It's safe to use on color-treated, chemically processed, and gray hair!

    Promising review: "The only dandruff shampoo that works! I have type 3B/3C naturally curly hair, and occasionally I get itchy scalp pretty badly (especially in the winter). While this shampoo is not moisturizing whatsoever, it gets the job done of preventing itchiness and flaking from dandruff. I tried this because many other Black women and WOC said it works on their natural hair. Great addition to your wash and go routine in the winter, plus it smells good!" —MaidenSeptember

    Promising review: "It's never easy to face dandruff and other hair and scalp issues. I'm a woman with thin and thinning hair who developed dandruff over the past year, despite using gentle shampoo and good conditioner. This shampoo is amazing. The scent is not only not bad, it's downright pleasant. It has reduced my dandruff by 90%, and I sincerely believe my hair loss is slowing, based on what I lose during each shower. If you're like I was and on the fence about trying a dandruff shampoo for the first time, don't hesitate. Try this. And if you're dissatisfied with your current dandruff shampoo because it smells like armpit tar death, don't hesitate. Try this. Cheers!" —melham

    Get it from Amazon for $14.84

    23. A jar of Dr. Jart+'s color correcting treatment for balancing out redness and giving thirsty skin a boost of hydration. And while we're on the subject of redness, it's got SPF 30, so painful sunburns, be gone!

    model's face, half of which is bare with redness, while the other half looks much more even with the color correcting treatment applied