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    Just 31 Eye-Catching Pieces Of Activewear That'll Stand Out At The Gym

    I think we can all agree that treadmill is just another word for runway ⭐️

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. STUNNING succulent-print leggings that'll make you rethink everything you thought you knew about workout clothes. You'll never want to wear plain black yoga pants again after donning these babies!

    2. A full-length legging reviewers say is a legit *DUPE* for way pricier Lululemons 🙌Plus, it comes in over 20 fun styles to help shake up your fitness routine.

    3. A bubbly floral skort you're bound to get compliments on every time you wear it — those colors! And even better, it has four hidden pockets for stashing your phone, keys, and any other small essentials.

    4. Sleek high-rise bike shorts, because I know I can't be the only one who enjoys working out SO much more when I'm doing it in cute athletic wear. These beauties come in several gorgeous jewel tones, so you can (and should!) feel free to wear them even when you're not engaged in rigorous physical activity.

    5. A head-turning jumpsuit for anyone looking to make a *statement* when they walk through those gym doors — not only because of that figure-hugging design, but also because it comes in over 30 fun colors and prints!

    6. A *genius* baseball cap designed to let you wear your hair in a high pony or bun (!), or lower, if you prefer. The X-shaped back allows for multiple options, and everyone who has ever wanted to wear their hair higher on their head while using a hat to keep it out of their face will ask where they can get one ASAP. It also comes in 17 fun colors, so...you'll want to stock up.

    7. Cool marble-patterned leggings that, according to reviewers, ace the squat test (photo for proof!) 🍑And, since they're made with four-way stretch material, you won't have to stand still like a marble statue to feel comfortable in them.

    8. An asymmetrical one-shoulder sports bra for a workout look that borders on high fashion. Seriously, how chic is that cut?!

    9. Funky-meets-floral leggings with an amazing parrot print that's sure to garner raves at your next group exercise class.

    10. A beautiful and supportive racerback bra you can customize with your band and cup sizes individually for the perfect fit. The '90s-esque print is super fun, and best of all, this bra is available up to size J!

    11. Truly wild doughnut print bike shorts that'll have everyone at the gym going, "Hole-y moly, where can I get a pair of those?!" Even Homer Simpson would approve of these babies.

    12. FP Movement's iridescent running shorts to make working out feel more like a party — that shimmer will put some pep in your step(s)!

    13. A pretty cross-back top that...almost seems too lovely to work out in? But you should anyway, because it has built-in support and is the perfect go-between when you want more coverage than a sports bra but less fabric than a full-length tank.

    14. A cute yoga skeleton tank to infuse some humor into your workout on days when you'd rather just not. Don't sweat it! 😉

    the yellow yoga skeleton tank

    15. Cropped leggings that come in not one, not two, but three lovely butterfly prints. And according to reviewers, they're so lightweight you'll feel like you could spread your wings and fly right out of the gym yourself (we can all wish!).

    16. A breathtaking mesh corset tank you'll be tempted to wear as a going-out top, given its *sheer* appeal. I mean, you could probably get away with using it as lingerie, that's how gorgeous it is!

    17. Whimsical floral leggings with lace detail for anyone who's ever thought to themselves, "Exercise, but make it pretty." And don't forget the matching sports bra!

    18. A vibrant two-piece set, because even if you don't have the best coordination when it comes to physical activity, you can still have a cute matching outfit. It comes with a comfy cropped tee and leggings!

    19. A perky pair of pink and white checkered bike shorts to help boost your mood when you look at the clock and realize you're less than halfway through your workout 😫

    model wearing the pink and white checkered shorts and bra set

    20. A flowy octopus tank, because how cool is that super-detailed design?! Plus, reviewers say it's really soft and comfy, so you'll love moving and stretching in it. 🥰

    the teal octopus tank

    21. A pair of hard-to-miss hot pink Adidas leggings for anyone who isn't into wild prints, but still wants a colorful upgrade from their all black and gray workout clothes.

    22. A strap-happy sports bra that's all business in the front and — surprise! — party in the back. Reviewers say it's actually supportive!

    23. An adorable exercise dress for anyone who's just not into pants (I hear you!). It comes with a built-in shorts liner to keep everything covered up while you're moving, and the color options are so cute, it could totally double as a casual everyday dress.

    24. Tie-dye bike shorts you'll feel downright groovy in, whether you actually wear them for cycling or just to run errands in (the best type of running IMO).

    25. Comfy crossover leggings that come in such lovely pastel prints, you'll want to wear them as "real life" pants (I don't blame you!).

    26. A bright neon sports bra so you won't only draw everyone's attention at the gym, you'll also make sure cars and cyclists see you on days when you go for a run outside!

    reviewer wearing the neon green bra

    27. Gold-flecked leggings for anyone who wants to look a little glamorous while they sweat, I mean, ~glisten~.