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Avoid This Job

Finally, a website that brings together all those insane, strange, ridiculous, and funny job posts that live in the interweb. AMAZING.

Brooke O. 10 years ago

Fat Slice (Game Battle)

A fun block slicing game using your mouse. This is probably my favorite game ever, if only I could get past the spider level.

Brooke O. 10 years ago

Zombieland Official Trailer

The finally released trailer for the upcoming movie Zombieland. With all the latest vampire movie/television hype taking over the world, it's nice to see a new addition to the zombie-comedy genre.

Brooke O. 10 years ago

Mrs. Doubtfire Horror

A newer addition to the set of Mrs. Doubtfire re-cut videos that are on the internet, but it may be the best of the bunch.

Brooke O. 10 years ago

What They're Really Saying

This annoying commercial just got a whole lot better. I'm pretty sure I want to have Lil Wayne dub over all of my family home videos.

Brooke O. 10 years ago

When ESL Goes Wrong..

Apparently, South Africa has a new way to get rid of heartburn and indigestion. Who knew that that the cure was just right down the street at the local firestation? Not me. A little old, but still funny.

Brooke O. 10 years ago

Crazy Bunny Lady Busted

So, apparently you are not allowed to have bunnies in a hotel room. Especially if you already have a problem with torturing them.. and storing them in your freezer.

Brooke O. 10 years ago

Catnip-Induced Cat Orgies

This video is so strange. Is it just me, or is the part when the cat starts foaming at the mouth pretty creepy? [Via Videogum]

Brooke O. 10 years ago