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50 Thoughts I Had While Watching "Aliens" For The First Time

I finally watched the1986 classic Aliens and it's as bad ass as everyone says.

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6. These idiots at Weyland-Yutani (thank you Wikipedia) assure Ripley that people now live on the planet with the alien from the first movie. They refer to it as a "Shake and Bake" colony. My husband is booking international space travel right fucking now.

23. The crew is dying faster than influencer marketing after Fyre Festival. Time for Ripley to save the motherfucking day.

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26. Game over. Repeat.

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31. Ripley just "bad guy explained" Burke to Burke. Then he called her crazy because she was right about his plan. Good to know that men/women power struggles have not changed since 1986.

32. SPOILER ALERT: RIP Bill Paxton goes out like a champ. Burke, we'll hardly miss ya.

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36. Remind me never to complain about my awkward elevator rides again.

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48. The alien gets sucked into space but Ripley's upper body strength (clearly not weakened from 57 years of slumber) keeps her from being vacuumed out? I don't know if I trust the science here.

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