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Here’s How Different Primary School Between The UK And Australia Was In The Early ‘00s

Those were the days...

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1. In the UK, if you went to the sick bay you were handed a wet paper towel.

In Australia, you were just given a plastic bag filled with ice.

2. In the UK, you spent reading time with Biff, Chip, and Kipper.


In Australia, you read Aussie Bites.

3. In the UK, the best part about lunch was the free milk.


In Australia, the best part was the frozen popper mum snuck into your lunchbox.

Ozzy Onya / Via

4. In the UK, you played conkers at lunch.

Scott Barbour / Getty Images

In Australia, you played handball.


5. In the UK, the best P.E. lessons were when you could play on the apparatus.

In Australia, the best P.E. lessons were when sports clubs came out and you got to play games and tackle things.


6. In the UK, you got excited about rumours that your classroom was getting a heater.

Disney / Via

In Australia, you got excited over rumours your classroom was getting air-conditioning.


7. In the UK, you got rewarded in swimming lessons with certificates and badges from Tony the Tiger.

In Australia, you were rewarded by advancing from a "Starfish" to a "Shark".

8. In the UK, a sick day meant watching Ready Steady Cook.


In Australia, you also watched Ready Steady Cook, but it sucked in comparison.

Network Ten

Either that or you watched Judge Judy.

9. In the UK, So...? Kiss me was the signature disco scent.

In Australia, every girl at the disco smelled of Impulse.

10. In the UK, you wished it would snow enough for a day off.

Paul J. Richards / AFP / Getty Images

In Australia, 40+ degree heat meant the slight chance you would be sent home.


11. In the UK, HobNobs were an afternoon tea staple.

In Australia, no afternoon tea was complete without Vegemite Saos.

12. In the UK, you came home from school and watched shows like Come Outside and Big Cook Little Cook.

CBeebies, BBC

In Australia, you came home to shows like The Wiggles and Hi-5.

ABC, Nine Network

13. In the UK, it was often getting dark by the time you got home from school.

Daniel Leal-olivas / AFP / Getty Images

In Australia, it was still bright at bedtime.

Saeed Khan / AFP / Getty Images

14. In the UK, holiday destinations included pretty much most of Europe.

In Australia, holiday destinations were basically just the rest of Australia.

15. In the UK, you got two weeks off school for Christmas, which were usually spent indoors and out of the cold.

Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images

And in Australia, Christmas break was six weeks of summer, baby!

It was hard to appreciate the wintery decor over Christmas when it was hot as balls.

It was hard to appreciate the wintery decor over Christmas when it was hot as balls.