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    57 Before And After Photos Of Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart

    These transfurmations are just purrfect.

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us their most adorable kitten to cat transformations. Here are some of the cutest submissions.

    1. This monochrome sweetheart:


    "Hamish as a baby and at a year old." – tyau30

    2. This blanket-loving beauty:

    Elizabeth Lange

    "Thirteen is unlucky for some, but senior cat Pepe is looking as cute as he was when he was six months old." – Elizabeth Lange

    3. This majestic kitty:

    Angela Krasnick

    "Ezra at three months and five years!" – Angela Krasnick

    4. This cat who got to grow up with their human:

    Jemima Skelley

    "Here's me and my kitty Pele, 15 years apart." – Jemima Skelley

    5. This ginger ninja:

    Madison Tarnawsky

    "Ninja, at four months vs five years." – Madison Tarnawsky

    6. This fluffy kitty and his friend:

    Amber Knapp

    – Amber Knapp

    7. This Longbottoming kitten:

    Tegan Cross

    "Eight weeks vs seven months. Our Neville." – Tegan Cross

    8. This handbag-loving fella:

    Andromeda Doherty Lee

    "Courfeyrac has always loved this purse." – Andromeda Doherty Lee

    9. These adorable siblings:

    Erin McInerney

    "They still pick the same side in every photo eight years later (Leo left, Gizmo right)." – Erin McInerney

    10. This cat who is clearly disappointed he doesn't fit in a hood anymore:

    Katerina Karanikas

    "Clementine von Purr at eight weeks vs three years. She is my big little potato." – Katerina Karanikas

    11. This adorable rascal:

    "Sebastian; an actual rascal. Here he is in 2015 when I was studying for my final year 12 exams. Two years later, not much has changed. He loves to hang out with you no matter where you go (yes that includes the bathroom)." – Natalia Melville

    12. This cat who lives up to his namesake:

    Samantha Parker

    "Meet Yeezy. Demands your attention. Hogs the bed. But I love her more than anything!" – Samantha Parker

    13. This adorable munchkin:

    Thomasina Lawrence

    14. This cat who isn't going to let having one eye stop him from being the sassiest:


    "The sick, tiny, nearly blind kitten on the left grew into the handsome, sassy cat on the right!" – jessj4f166eda3

    15. This little lion:


    "Only a year difference but Simba has grown so fast!" – hooriyyaha

    16. This cat who looks gorgeous in green:


    "2016 vs 2017." – ashknrzl

    17. This friendly furball:


    "One day vs one year." – blancar3

    18. These two cuddlers:


    "They grew up to be big cuddlers." – amandan4034e052e

    19. This bookworm:


    "Maude and her sister came from a pregnant momma cat my husband and I found in a dumpster. Here she is at nine weeks old and four years old!" – ivlaytcheva

    20. This angsty teen:


    "Finn, from kitten to angsty teenage cat." – chelseaw41dcfeef8

    21. This Siamese sweetheart:


    "Rory as a baby and at one year old." – tyau30

    22. This mumma and cat joint transformation:

    Talysha Louise Michelle Sabatino

    "One month old vs one year old! He got bigger and eyes went green while Mumma went blonder" – Talysha Louise Michelle Sabatino

    23. This cat who still loves napping with her best friend:

    Felicity Seymour

    "Bow and my daughter Laicy." – Felicity Seymour

    24. This mud-loving kitty:

    Natalia Melville

    "We adopted Darcy from the RSPCA as part of an unwanted litter. You'd never guess by looking at her though, that her favourite activity is rolling around in the dirt and mud." – Natalia Melville

    25. This cat who still thinks he owns the place:


    "Lando Catrissian at eight weeks, and 11 months. He still thinks he has a right to sit anywhere. That’s my dinner he’s sitting on..." – asht4bf1f8d67

    26. This black beauty:


    "Nicholas, a kitten my father rescued." – amandaf27

    27. This adorable orange darling:


    "This is Frankie. Kitten pic is him at 10 weeks old. Second pic is him at six months old." – jakbot

    28. These beautiful boys:


    "My boys! Hudson and Watson. I had to buy a bigger bed." – emilys467d618c1

    29. This two-toned angel:


    "This is Rory when she was a kitten, and then two years old." – nicolem43cd4d7ac

    30. This brave boy:


    "My boyfriend found him in the middle of a busy road. He used to hide wherever he could. He owns the house now and everyone in it, including the dog." – mmarinvallejo

    31. This box-loving beauty:


    32. This majestic furball:


    "Soju the rescued street kitty from three weeks to three years!" – melly0504

    33. This little guy who just loves to meow:


    "Meow!! Six weeks vs two years."– emmak40a87e3d5

    34. This huggable panda:


    "This is Panda, she only gained a few pounds while growing up." –


    35. This bearded kitty:


    "Edison as a little buddy in July 2016 to bigger buddy now." – emilyrosep2

    36. This handsome lad:


    37. These grungy girls:

    "Dwight and Maggie, grungy teenage sisters who went on to release the best indie album of 2016." – Lane Sainty

    38. This mustard-loving kitty:


    "This is Archie! Four weeks to two years old." – hbattalion

    39. This cheeky cat:


    40. This growing boy:


    "Georgie at four weeks and at one-and-a-half years! He went from just a pound to a whopping 18.5." – carsong48c2071b6

    41. These BFF siblings:


    "Momo the day she was 'adopted' by her big brother Matthew, and the two of them now." – annabelle86

    42. This adorable cat:


    43. This guy who still loves sitting the same:


    "My girl, Hazel (three months to three years). Not much has changed." – alissas410ad6ba5

    44. This cat who is just the cutest darn thing:


    "Cali O’Malley is nine weeks in the first picture and five years in the second. Is she not just about the cutest darn cat ever? I’d be lost without her." – janessiamariep

    45. This bookshelf fiend:


    "He still likes to hang out on this bookshelf, but he doesn’t quite fit anymore." – eviec3

    46. These sister sweethearts:


    "Immy is the grey one, Yuffie (aka Poof) is the black one. Sisters and BFFs." –


    47. This cat who grew into her fluff:


    "I thought my kitten was a boy for the first three weeks after adopting her. Nine months later and Lucy (formerly known as Linus) and I are best friends." –


    48. This wine-loving kitty:


    "Charlie, three months and three years - same affinity for wine." – cachetlw

    49. This cutie who grew up and out of his sweater:


    "Pippin, aged five months and two years." – emiline522

    50. These cuddling cats:


    "They've been cuddling since day one." – jesil435bf50b5

    51. This comfy cat:


    52. This cat who isn't quite there yet:


    "My sweet Bo at five weeks and 10 months. He still has a bit of growing up to do!" – mayivey

    53. This beautiful baby:


    "Ranger as a tiny baby and now as a big baby." – oliviat438bc8fd2

    54. This relatable cat:


    "Hemingway as an innocent baby boy and now, a man who’s been through a lot of shit." – annamaries40c1d5681

    55. This white wonder:


    "This is Vanilla at six weeks and then at one year old." – Maanskyn

    56. This well-dressed lad:

    Calli Jackson

    "Spock, one year old." – Calli Jackson

    57. And this absolute cutie:

    Kara Moharic

    "Musashi! September 2016 and April 2017." – Kara Moharic

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